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Someone you used to look up to became pitiful?
Posted 4/26/15

I thought that phrase died in 2010.
Posted 4/29/15
I think it's natural. We are all only human. Even the people who appear to be completely perfect on the outside are more than likely fighting their own demons inside. Cant really judge or blame anyone tho.
Posted 4/29/15
Happened multiple times, I still look up to them.

They're people who tried and failed. Better than people who haven't tried.
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Posted 4/26/15

morechunch wrote:

pirththee wrote:

Lucifer would seem like the anecdotal metaphoric poster child for this phenomenon.

Yeah, the realness is worth hating.

What am I supposed to do, though, lie? Ignore people?

Ignoring is really hard, I think that's what the OP was talking about.

I hadn't read your previous posts prior to my initial comment.
The person in question may not want or need absolution or sympathy as represented by pity."Pitiful" being the OP's word.
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