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Posted 4/26/15
Heres how this will work, you remember those build your own adventure books from when you were a kid? Well its like that only you can be a bit more in depth with the choices we make at the end of each post I put up. You can throw in things like meets a new character or decides to go to the mountain village, literally anything you can think of, just post it. I will take in the info you feed and continue the story!

Your exact post may not be implement right immediately as I want the story to have some logical progression and be fluid, but I will do my best to include everything I can!

So first decisions are up:

What is our setting?

What is our main characters motivation?

What genre would you like?
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Posted 4/27/15 , edited 4/27/15

Future city where all transportation is public transportation and incredibly efficient (think as many cars as in a crowded city in current times but all of them are auto piloted with information of all other vehicles on the grids destinations so traffic always runs incredibly smoothly with no error). Main character is a 22 year old male who works as a bartender 2 days a week (production is so efficient in this era that costs are incredibly low and people do not need to work more than 2 days a week to have enough to live). Bartenders are one of the only non automated food service jobs left as no matter what level of automation exists people still enjoy interacting with other humans in a social setting.

Ok thats my part continue from there!
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Posted 5/3/15
Genre to be a romance!

He always thought his life to be not far from perfect, until the day she walked into the bar as he was leaving. He couldn't exactly put it, but something about her piqued his curiosity.

As he boarded his ride home, it was then that he realised just what it was that caught his eye...
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Posted 5/5/15
A strange pendant around her neck... He was sure he had seen it before but he couldn't quite put his finger on just where. Was she a regular customer? If so, why had he never noticed before? Still, why should he bother?. He reflected momentarily on his past. Lies, deceit, betrayals, he had sworn to never have anything to do with another woman aside from pouring one drinks from behind the bar counter. That's where he drew the line of his interactions with the "fairer" gender.

Fairer gender my ass.

He was content with just being himself by himself and had little for need or want. In fact, what he despised most as a bartender was the tendency of his female clientele to drown their sorrows with alcohol while rambling endlessly about their problems. It was interesting at first but eventually he realized that aside from small variations, they were simply different renditions of the same handful of stories with one thing in common: they wanted him to care. At least in that moment. But as soon as the booze wore off, it would be all as if nothing had happened. To put it simply, he despised women and despite his curiosity about her pendant, it was not reason enough for him to turn around.

He approached the front of the cab and reached for his wallet to pay the fare. That was when he realized...
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Posted 1/5/17
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