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Dark Humor.
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Posted 4/27/15


I knew I misread something!
(Its 3 AM here so my brain is half running.)
I completely agree on that, its hard to figure out what might set a stranger off.
Since most things can, like you slurping soup in a cafe could set a person with misophonia off!
Sorry I missed that point, maybe I should get some sleep!

no worries
you had plenty of good points yourself that i overlooked.

the conversation made good enough sense to me, not the best communicator to begin with.

sleep well once you reach that point

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Posted 5/11/15
my friend has a pretty dark sense of humour
he only has a handful of friends including myself because of this

he takes it too far and gets personal when hes making jokes about people in their face

he says theyre being soft

we all say its overstepping common decency which he finally understands, so he does it less. but its still there
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