Greetings from Pasig City, Philippines!
Posted 4/28/15
Hello World, I am a Newbie here!

And I am also a newbie to Anime and Manga! In just a couple of weeks, I will become 45 years old, however, and unfortunately, I am a disabled person. I am discovering that viewing anime videos in Crunchyroll helps reduce my depression and encourages me to become a mangaka before I die.

First, I must learn how to draw. But with arthritis in my hands, learning to draw by hand is not easy! I use the Genius EasyPen i405X graphics tablet to assist me in learning to draw.

And second, my goal is to become a mangaka, though I am not an Otaku. I don't have much interest in reading manga, however, I have many stories to tell, which is why I want to become a mangaka.

Also, I'm wondering if there are other people nearby me in the Philippines, whom speak fluent English, to assist me in my new anime/manga hobby.

And also, I am looking for new friends, ones that are willing to inspire/encourage me into anime/manga. I don't know how to choose what to watch or view. My first manga I've read was Gantz; I read that on my tablet.

For the past 31 years, I have been working computers & electronics, both professionally and as a hobby. Now, my new anime/manga hobby is a "transitioning" hobby for me to have a more "healthy" life.

Have a nice day, everybody!
Takeshi Miranda
Posted 4/28/15
Kumusta po!
Welsome to CR!
Posted 4/29/15
Thank you very much!
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25 / M / Cebu, PH
Posted 5/19/16
It's 2016! How are you doing buddy? Still pursuing that dream?
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Posted 5/19/16

Hope you are still pursuing your dream!

Ingat po kayo!
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25 / F / Daly City, Califo...
Posted 5/19/16
Hi How are You po?Hope your always okay take care
One Punch Mod
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 8/6/16
Closed because OP nuked.
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