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Unrequited Love
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Posted 5/4/15 , edited 5/4/15
I've been on both sides of this "love".

On the worse end. When you love them.

I already knew they didn't love me. I asked directly after some months. What did they say? "I don't really see you that way."

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I've been through it and it sucks, but the absolute best way to get over it, regardless of you see them often or not. Is to draw a road that's symbolic with your love life. Draw all your exes/crushes names on them and start erasing the people you don't wanna talk to anymore. It helped me.

I never just go for one person anymore. The more, the better.
Posted 5/5/15 , edited 5/5/15
There are plenty of danna in the sea. No worries. Holla at ya homie
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Posted 5/6/15 , edited 5/6/15
I would like to hear some success stories but it isn't called unrequited love if it works out

I have to wonder though... for what reasons is a person continually rejected even though they show so much perserverance and undying affection? I've never been on the receiving side of this (afaik) but I'd assume if anyone treated me this way I'd be unable to resist.
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Posted 9/14/16 , edited 9/15/16
OP Nuked. Locked.
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