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What is your opinion on Execution?
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Posted 5/1/15 , edited 5/2/15

nemoskull wrote:

pirththee wrote:

nemoskull wrote:

well, im not going to say weather its right or not.
but the execution itself in USA sucks.
lethal injection and the gas chamber are not proven to be fast or painless 100% of the time.
really, i dont under stand why not use a .45 hollow point to the base of the skull.
the brain is destroyed so fast the person literally feels nothing.
and its dirt cheap, too.
some crazy three step process is just insanely wasteful.

So you're saying if there is a high pressure front out of the Arctic you execute and if its a low pressure front from the tropics we jail for life.Well it's a better system and more accurate than the current one employed in Texas.

lol what?
im not real up to date, but im talking about the method of execution, the way you kill the dude not the right or wrong of it.
the three step process im referring to is the drugs used (i think) one pain killer, one to stop the heart, and another to make sure.
well, my memory is sketchy at best.

Oh my mistake, I thought you were talking about the weather .Not to belittle you,nor to point out a TYPO ,which I'm continually guilty of myself, but it just occurred to me when I saw it that it serendipitously made more sense than our current system.It was perfect.Genius goes unnoticed to often. Consider yourself acknowledged.
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Posted 5/2/15 , edited 5/2/15
I think it's wrong. What right do you have to tell someone they must die for their actions. Imprison them, make them make shit for the rest of their life. Profit off their ass, but no one should have the ability to legally choose to end someone's life. That is utter bullshit.
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Posted 5/6/15 , edited 5/6/15
If they murder or rape someone, then I think they should be executed. Not only does that crime deserve such a harsh punishment, but also these people are going to remain a danger to society for the rest of their life. By getting rid of them, you are saving many other victims they would probably go on to hurt.
Otter Modder
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Posted 1/26/17 , edited 1/27/17
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