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We already had a thread like this about suicide. It quickly died own but I don't want to go look for it so continue doing whatever you're doing.
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Well, I don't feel comfortable talking about private stuff here. If you really want to know, send me a PM.
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I don't think anyone really wants to die. Sometimes life just gets so painful we feel like we want to end the pain.

I can understand feeling like nobody cares about. I've felt like that and still do sometimes. I don't have anyone I would call a friend.

Parents often try to push things on their children. In the end you just need to believe they will accept it one day. I'm sure they care about you if they haven't abandoned you for 17 years. Think about the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to raise a child to that age. They might not accept it right now but that doesn't mean they can't accept you the way you really are.

Have you thought about seeking professional help? There's still hope for you. Don't you want to give it a try at least? They can help you and answer all the questions you have a lot better than we can. It's still too early to die when there's other options available.

Still I want to hear the full story so if your willing PM me, OK?

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In my case, there are days where I don't feel anything. Don't care about anything and feel a huge urge to cry and commit suicide but I try to think of the people who would get sad if I'm my I'm still fighting...for her (she doesn't know nothing about it). Every day is a battle with my mentality and personality because, unfortunately, I have bad traits I want to change.

So, think about someone you love and live for them if you can't live for yourself right now, try to read books or quotes about positivism because they say "it gets better". Another thing I do is to focus my mind on things I like: hobbies, music, anime and prayer

Oh pets like dogs and cats are good too, it is said that they are the best companions for people with depression and anxiety. My mom doesn't like animals but when I live by myself I will get 3-5 dogs and cats
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Nalaniel wrote:

How does one overcome the rational part of the brain saying it's not a good thing to do? I know, environment and stuff has to do with it, but is there a way to actively influence it? Like, life's horrible for you and you think about doing it all the time, but you still can't do it even if you think it's for the best... Or is this feeling just being projected to your conscious but your subconscious doesn't feel it at all?

Edit: If this thread is against the forum rules, I'm sorry and I'll be taking full responsibility.

It isn't a matter of being rational when you are that depressed you don't see anyway out. As for getting out of that level of depression it is up to the person to ask for help. Many sadly don't talk to someone that you can confide in priest are good for this so are teachers in some cases but the best folks are psychologist and psychiatrist who can help get you straightened out.

It hurts when you are that depressed you don't see anything except black look for the little things that make it light. Than go from there.
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I've never felt a huge urge- but I've battled with depression before (and anxiety recently). I've ran a pair of scissors deeply across my forearm out of anger and now I have a nasty ugly scar I have to lie about.
Suicide is never a good option. YOU WILL BE MISSED.
by parents, friends, SOMEONE will miss you. someone cares. If no one else cares then I do.
I know I sound like a hotline helper but IM SERIOUS

If the rational part of your brain is saying you should not do it then there is enough life left inside of you to make things better before they get worse.

If I ever considered suicide the first thing I would do is to jump on an airplane and get out of my environment as soon as possible.
Go to Japan and explore the culture.
Go to Amsterdam and smoke some doobies for christ's sake.
Go to Canada and get blackout drunk and wake up in the E.R. to everyone speaking french (trust me... it livens up life a bit... I know)
Go to Mexico and watch some cock fights or learn to surf.
If you don't have much money get in a car and drive to another state for a week and think about life.

There's so much to do... if your environment is sh*tting on you then you need to leave. If you're unhappy then leave.
Idk about anyone else but my first instinct is to run away and travel when life gets too hard.
Be safe, be happy <3 talk to me if you want... I'm always on here I have time.
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Nalaniel wrote:

I'll add another question of mine to this thread as a response to some of the posts here: What IF there was no one who really cared about you and your life? Those people you interacted with were just acquaintances and they wouldn't be too sad if you disappeared. They'd just go "That's life". Online friends wouldn't be too sad, either, I think. Befriending someone in real life has a much bigger impact than it has on the internet.

Personally I don't think there is anyone that does care about me and my life but that doesn't exactly bother me because I've always preferred keeping to myself. If I were to disappear I really doubt anyone would care but alternatively there are people I care about who I'd like to prevent from ever feeling what I feel. That's reason enough for me to keep living. Also, hobbies! I had a near death experience just last month but didn't really feel anything from it. Looking back though it would have been awfully sad to miss upcoming movies or never know how some of my favorite series end.

I don't think being online acquaintances necessarily diminishes the value of friendship unless of course the other person is being disingenuous. Have you ever heard of six degrees of separation?

I hope you can reconsider if this is something you're contemplating. Always best to talk it out first! The story of humanity is boring; it's the same play century by century, all that changes is the setting. With that in mind you'll undoubtedly find someone going through/ have gone through similar experiences. These people would provide better advice than me for sure but I'm always open for conversation if you're bored
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Okay first off OP, suicide is stupid. The reason you have to talk yourself into it is because every fiber in your body understands on the most basic level that dying is bad. Your profile suggests you are 17. Unless you have lived through some seriously heinous atrocities from a very young age I doubt whatever it is that is bothering you is something you won't recover from over the course of your life. However if you have lived through those types of things.... I have a hard time seeing you coming to the CR forums for advice about suicide.

You only get one roll of the dice, there are no do overs, no second chances. Maybe you get a bad roll, but even a poor future is better than no future.

Talk to your friends, your family, the people who care about you, get with a doctor, anyone who can give you real help and assist you in working through your feelings. I promise you whatever it is.... it is not worth dying over.

Lastly, CR is not and never will be the place to come seeking help for serious depression or thoughts of suicide. The only good advice you are going to get here is that taking your life at a young age is not worth it and a mistake and you should seek help. Since that good advice has been given this thread is locked and closed.
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