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Posted 4/29/15
by cardboard_shark

The second season of Nisekoi starts out at a bit of a disadvantage: it has a silly title. Using weird bits of punctuation to denote different seasons is nothing new in the world of anime, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a colon at the end of a title. So, is Nisekoi: as good as its predecessor, or is it just as inexplicably odd as its name?

Well, the good news is that the new season doesn’t try to fix what isn’t broken. At its core, Nisekoi is a competent romantic comedy with some very interesting visuals. That still holds true, as the show remains easy on both the eyes and the brain. Some of the background art is especially noteworthy, and by “noteworthy” I mean “absolutely gorgeous.”

The story picks up where it left off, with Raku still trying to figure out who holds the key to his pendant. To be honest, part of me wishes they’d just unlock the thing and get it over with. The series has been running for long enough that the key gimmick is increasingly irrelevant to the plot; at some point, Raku’s present feelings should override whatever promises he made as a kid. (Besides, we all know that Chitoge is clearly the best girl in the show.)

Nisekoi seems well aware of the pendant’s decreasing importance, and this season’s early episodes are focused on finding new directions for the story to pursue. Several new characters are introduced, including Chitoge’s globetrotting mother and an old rival from Tsugumi’s past. The new characters aren’t without their own merits, but their role in the series is mostly to help develop the core cast. We see both softer and scarier sides of Tsugumi, and we finally learn why Chitoge never seems to leave the house without her trademark red ribbon. There will undoubtedly be more drama down the line, but Nisekoi is chiefly interested in character development for the time being.

When it’s not aiming straight for the ol’ heartstrings, the show remains quite funny. We all know that Raku is doomed to be punched into the next time zone at least once per episode, so it’s impressive that the series manages to keep the sight gags fresh. He soars into the stratosphere, pinballs off of telephone poles, and does whatever it takes to bolster the physical comedy. The chemistry between characters also makes for some fun moments, whether they’re arguing at maximum volume or blushing in adorably awkward fashion.

If you enjoyed the first season of Nisekoi, then you can head into this new installment without fear. The show you love is back and has managed to retain its old strengths. If you’ve never watched the series, then give the first season a shot. Forget all the hype and just enjoy it as a solid, well-animated romantic comedy.
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Posted 5/10/15
This series is the best revenge a creator of a unique series dropped due to a disinterested public can have:

Give them the same pablum over and over, and when they cry out for the story or character relationships to move forward, whisper while bathing in millions of yen:

"But this is what you wanted ."

Seriously, the mangakas work before Nisekoi was good. Interesting. Unique.

So of course no one could be bothered to read it.
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Posted 9/13/15
Now if only season 2 was as long as season 1... I would have been estatic. The run was far to short.
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Posted 12/7/15
I love Nisekoi, Is there supposed to be a season 3?
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Posted 12/7/15
Nisekoi season 1 was really great. The plot, the humor, the interactions between the characters all made it an enjoyable show. Season 2 however wasn't as good as season 1 in my opinion. I can't really explain it but it just felt weird and off compared to the first season. I wish they had completed the story and unlocked the pendant either at the end of the first or the second season but since it's still up in the air which girl holds the correct key perhaps a third season to finish things once and for all is in the works?

I believe in Chitoge!
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