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25 / F / Sealed away in my...
Posted 4/30/15 , edited 7/8/17
Name : Sana Tachibana (Aka) Bloody Cross
Age: 17
Homeland: Japan and now lives in England
Bio: Sana was raised in Japan and at the age of 4 she was brought to England and there her father traded her for rare jewels and gold so she had to learn how to defend for her self and at the age of 9 when she was minding her own business wondering the streets some Englishmen thought it would be fun to beat her to death but they were wrong to do so a year and a half later she found those men a killed them that's how she got the name bloody cross
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Posted 4/30/15 , edited 9/12/16

Midnightspell wrote:

Name: Cole Morningstar
Age : 16
Status : lord ( head of family )
Race: human ( bound with Lucien, seal on tongue)
Bio: cole is the head if the family because he is the oldest member alive he has a little sister who was too young to remember the tramau that they both went through , when cole was 12 he made a deal with a demon after there parents where slaughter in front of there eyes and they would've been next , he lives in manision and is a part of the criminal underworld he rules it from his seat of power and money , he is harsh and cruel but is kind to his younger sister for she and his demon butler is all he has left
Picture :

Midnightspell wrote:
Name: Mei Morningstar
Age : 8
Status : lady ( The successor )
Race: human
Bio: all Mei had is her older brother Cole and the family butler , she knows that the butler is different somehow bit she doesn't care because she is happy ( can't remember what happened to parents ) she lives a happy life filled with anything she could ever want
Picture :

Name : Lucien Stormweaver
Age : ??? ( looks 20 )
Race : demon ( in bond with Cole , sign is a hawk )
Status: head butler
Bio : Luciens past is unknown and to him it doesn't exist all that matters is the present and the soul that awaits him
Picture :

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F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 5/2/15

Name: Janaka D. Hastings
Age: 17
Skills: Daitō-ryū Jujutsu (is a Japanese martial art and a method of close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent in which one uses no weapon or only a short weapon)
Kendo (is a modern Japanese martial art, which descended from swordsmanship or "kenjutsu" and uses bamboo swords or "shinai" and protective armour or "bōgu")
Knife Throwing (100% accurate in hitting the target within 20 meters)
Acrobatics (athletically well balanced, acuity of awareness and agility, an extremely flexible body like a contortionist)
Weapons: Ko-Naginata

12 Throwing Knives

Bio: Abandoned as a baby and left on the stoop of an old church about 13 miles north of London, Janaka was taken in and raised by a kindly priest who happens to run a small orphanage. Her only belongings that was found in her basket with her, was a sealed letter with an attach note of her name, a red laced handkerchief with the embroidered initials "C A H" and a dirty old rusted hat pin with an unusual carving at the end of one point. Like any other child, Janaka lived an ordinary and sheltered life with no cares or worries. But on the day she turned seven, her old life gave way to a new beginning. It was the day she met a group of gypsies known as Romani that her eyes were opened to many possibilities.
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21 / M / I don't know....d...
Posted 7/19/15 , edited 7/19/15
Name: Isha
Age: 18
Origin: Spain
Skills: hand to hand combat
Bio: Isha is a member of the mafia in Spain they are small but are always searching for more power, they came up with a plan to 'persuade' the residence of a local town. Isha rejected them and fled with a small child she headed to England in the hopes to escaped her past and start anew with the child.

Name: Jess
Age: 5
Origin: Spain
Bio: Jess follows Isha where ever she goes. She does not know much of her past or what is going on, she calls Isha 'sis'
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