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Posted 4/30/15 , edited 4/30/15
Hey Guys,
As premium members should know there is a new anime out called Yamada-kun and the seven witches and if you are a premium member you should also know that there is a manga that goes along with it, and TBH i have read the manga and i found it a lot more appealing than the anime, this is one of my first times watching an anime after reading the manga, but i find that the anime is not as appealing as the manga, so if you have some spare time i reckon you should go check it out.
also do you have any thoughts on this topic, not only Yamada-kun, but other anime adaptations from manga i'd like to hear them (I already know about Rosario+Vampire and that wasn't very good in my opinion)
Thanks Magneo
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23 / Breaking 4th Wall
Posted 4/30/15 , edited 5/1/15
Hmmmm...very interesting...I did notice the Manga in the Manga section, but I have not yet come across the anime...this requires further investigation on my end but im happy to hear that!

As for actual question, im not sure im qualified to speak on such things anymore as I only recently returned to reading Manga (currently reading Maga-Tsuki...and enjoying the complicated yet also simple humor)...but I will say that a good few years back I did watch an anime then go track down the Manga...and then the reverse for another if you care for my rusty opinion, I prefer to watch the shows first before reading the Manga (if it can be helped)...

I become heavily disappointed 9x out of 10 because the studios end up having to cut out certain scenes (depending on the amount of Manga/Book material out there, even cutting whole storylines) in order to fit within the time frame of the production and how long they expect/plan to have the anime run...obviously having a 24 episode season can dramatically influence how much of the Manga/Book content can be used versus only a 12 episode or less season, even if a second season is expected.

So to wrap up MY take on the subject of Manga-to-Anime adaptations is that I would recommend watching the show first (if it can be helped) I find myself much more invested and much happier with my Manga after I watch the almost gives me the feeling like im cheating and diving even deeper into this wonderful world and getting to experience it on a whole new level...which I don't get at all when reading the Manga before the show.

Anyway, I hope all those words actually helped some
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F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 5/6/15 , edited 5/7/15
I beg to differ. I think it really depends. To me, it's a hit or miss situation. Most often, I would read the manga before I watch the series. But sometimes, it would be through the recommendation of others that I would watch the anime first. Recently, though, I've been finding myself watching more anime that aren't on my manga list. And so far, I've been well satisfied with the choices I've made.

If you want, here's some anime that you might enjoy, though, I don't know what genre you like.

1) One Piece (pirates, fantasy, comedy)
Sorry, I'm very bias here since this is my all time favorite both manga and anime. The first several episodes (East Blue Saga) are a little rough per se but once the group moves on to the Grand Line, the artwork gets much better. The story line, however, is very consistent and the humor is absolutely fun. One thing I'll give you a heads up on, there's several scenes that would touch you as well as make you cry.
2) Eyeshield 21 (sports, comedy, fantasy)
Excellent story. All the characters are very lovable. YA-HA!!!
3) Naruto (ninjas, fantasy, comedy)
If you don't mind too much of the MC motto, "Believe!", then you'll enjoy this anime.
4) Bleach (shinigamis, fantasy, comedy)
I was very impressed. It had a very strong beginning and remained so, though, it waned a bit story-wise in the manga.
5) Baby Steps (sports, romance, comedy, drama)
Awesome both anime and manga. This is one of the series that I first watched before reading the manga. This has some romance but it's very slow in developing. The backdrop is tennis. This is turning out to be one my top five I'll highly recommend to watch and read.
6) My Love Story (romance, comedy)
Awe, such a very cute story.

I'll stop for now but I think this should get you started. Also, you might want to take a peek at the videos that Meklo posted if you haven't done so. Most of them I have on my list too.

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