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Posted 5/1/15 , edited 5/2/15
So whenever a new subtitle line is displayed the video freezes for a few milliseconds.
Not the end of the word but it is noticeable and really annoying when there is a smooth animation. (Like when the screen is panning to the right)

I'm using safari on a mac btw.
Posted 5/1/15 , edited 5/2/15
What OS are you using?

I use the latest OS and don't have that issue on Safari or Chrome.
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Posted 5/2/15 , edited 5/3/15
Try removing the cache and cookies from your safari. It could be that you too much stored within your browser that makes your browser slower to load something more than a video.
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Posted 5/6/15 , edited 5/6/15
It's happening to me, too. (I've used multiple browsers. Running Windows 7 on PC.)
I used to not use anything like Adblock on the site and tolerated the video stuttering...for a while.
Only the video is affected (frames dropping suddenly, then jumps ahead), while the audio continues on with no problem.

Even if I totally clean up everything, clearing cache, cookies, etc., and restarted the page and/or browser, the problem will always return.
I've also messed with different browsers, toggled hardware acceleration on and off, and used different DNS servers. Nothing fixed this problem, but...

Out of curiosity, I installed and used Adblock for the first time on it and instantly saw that the problem completely disappeared.
I disabled it, and the problem returned.
With Adblock still disabled, I right-clicked the video while it's playing, I disabled video smoothing, but it did nothing to fix the problem, so I turned it back on.

So, I turned off subtitles, and the problem completely disappeared again!
I turned subtitles back and and the video problem instantly came back!

The subtitles definitely are causing the problem!
Unfortunately, I can't watch these Japanese-only shows without subtitles.

Browsing around, I've read that this is already a known problem, but haven't been fixed for years.
Is Crunchyroll working on this? They still know about this problem?

Another thing that got me was the black screen that many people keeps getting.
So far, I've only had this problem with Google Chrome, with or without Adblock enabled, so I end up using Firefox a lot of the time just for this site.

I still don't use Adblock on the site when watching shows regularly, but I want to still be able to enjoy these videos (even keeping the ads to support the site), but without all of these other problems happening all of the time.
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