Dem Primary
Posted 5/1/15 , edited 5/2/15
Out of the two that have officially announced, I prefer Sanders.
I don't agree with him on everything, but he seems to have integrity.
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Honey Boo Boo
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Frankly I'd rather vote for the Vermin Supreme d00d with the boot on his head.

I'd vote for anyone but Hilary. I'd rather vote for freakin' Romney, who I really dislike as well, than Hilary.
Hilary apparently literally said women are more victimized by war than men. And she's done and said other things I don't like. I highly disagree with what seems to be over half the crap that comes out of her mouth and many things she's done. I don't identify as conservative but the bish has definitely got me leaning away from that side of the liberal pool.

Sadly if we're so unlucky she'll merely get past the primaries because women will vote for here merely based on gender instead of actually examining her views and deciding whether to agree or disagree with them. Women, my ass, I'd rather have the idiot who ironed his own shirt when still wearing it be president than Hilary

I'm hoping voter turnout leans in the other dude's favor as supposed to hers *crosses fingers*.

Well, at least it's not exactly 2012 all over again. At least this time the moronic, homophobic, idiot trash bag extreme that is Rick Perry, sadly, the governor (might be former governor at this point) isn't running. That guy seriously gave me the urge to vomit. Not only was he basically the representative of Texas' bigoted and idiot side, but he was just… unbearable. I can't take that much stupidity all at once. I can't take someone like that representing my state. I mean, there were times when Perry made the other republicans during 2k12's campaign look like scholars. BlehHH.
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Posted 5/5/15 , edited 5/6/15
Democrats desperately need some big names who aren't HIllary Clinton. It's pretty absurd really.

I'd say Kucinich would be pretty solid, but most Democrats probably consider him to be DINO.
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Posted 5/5/15 , edited 5/6/15
Clinton is inevitable.
Posted 5/5/15 , edited 5/6/15
I prefer the lesser idiot.
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Posted 5/6/15 , edited 5/6/15
If Hillary is the best they can come up with then I get the feeling the dems are throwing the next election to the repubs.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 2/29/16 , edited 2/29/16
op nuked
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