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23 / Breaking 4th Wall
Posted 5/2/15 , edited 5/2/15
If you are reading this post...sorry in advance. I don't use social media of any kind (no Facebook, twitter, myspace...nothing) so im a bit behind the rest of my generation when it comes to these types of things. So to give you the cut & dry of the situation, this post is going to sum up how I was going to spend the evening practicing drawing manga, to staying up all night and due to my activities I now feel life SUCKS!

To begin this epic quest of sadness, I decided to try practicing some basic drawings for manga (like drawing different types of eyes for different emotions, practicing drawing "furry" ears, etc.) I get out my drawing binder, No. 2 pencil, and throw on a random anime on Netflix that I never got around to watching for background noise. After going threw about 5-6 episodes, I could not STAND that crap anymore and decided just to throw on one of the many movies that I had on my list...and that's where the fun begins...

I decided to put on "The Raven", a work of fiction dedicated to the last days of the famous poet Edgar Allen Poe. In the film, his beloved is taken hostage and he is forced to work with Boston P.D. to track down the criminal by going to the many recent crimes that are almost identical to the more gruesome and disgusting works that Mr. Poe himself authored. I won't spoil the ending for those who have not yet seen or heard, but for those who have seen know how DEPRESSING that last scene is when he is sitting on the bench (no more detail given so as not to spoil).

After such a film as that, what could brighten my mood any more that some "The Phantom of the Opera"...AGAIN, a DEPRESSING film that pulls at the heart strings of any man who has been put through the heat of a love triangle (especially those who lost)...and at this point of the night, I am so depressed that I stopped drawing anything at all only 1/2 way through that movie...

So what could lift my spirits better than switching over to Crunchyroll to binge watch "Toradora!"...and thus, I spent the ENTIRE REST OF MY NIGHT struggling to hold back the anger, the hurt, the joy, the despair, and the gut-wrenching pain of BOTH SEASONS from start to finish...and then made the smart decision to text my GF from 3 years ago that I haven't made contact with in just over a year (that was an uncomfortable & short text say the least)

As I am typing this paragraph, episode 25 of "Toradora!" ended 20 minutes ago...I grabbed my pencil at around 3:30pm central USA is now 11:42am central USA time...and to make the matter worse...I think im going to go binge watch Gosick, which if any of you readers have ever checked my profile info (or watched/read for yourself) you know full well that Gosick is going to eat away at the last living remnants of my soul and feed it to Anime/Manga Gods...

...Life sucks when your a hopeless romantic. Period.

Thanks for reading! After that epic trip back down Emo Lane, I just needed to vent SOMEWHERE...and like I said, I don't do the whole social media thanks. Even if no comments are made, nor likes assigned...Thank you very much for your time!

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Posted 5/7/15 , edited 5/8/15
Well you're not missing anything on social media. Just a bunch of drama. Not even once.

Also you probably shouldn't text old exes, that can only end badly... I've been there too... I definitely hope you were sober for that interaction at least.

You should watch an anime that is pure diabeetus to cheer yourself up. Might I suggest Ore Monogatari or Gourmet Girl Graffiti? Those are both supreme iyashikei shows (healing shows).

Hope you feel better in the long run though ^^
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23 / Breaking 4th Wall
Posted 5/29/15 , edited 5/30/15
Sorry for the long time between your response and this post...i just could not bare coming back to this post and seeing the "Palm-top Tiger" crying her eyes out over love much pain there.

Anyway, i ended up not watching Gosick after the original post...i decided instead to re-watch Arpeggio of Blue Steel (for the millionth time) and KanColle (again, millionth time)...and that did help to brighten me up...if only a bit therefor resulting in my search through some sketchy sites on the webs to locate Lucky Star so Konata could help boost my happiness levels through the powers that only adorable female otakus possess.

I get way to emotional when i watch my Romantic shows....that's why i cant watch to many of them and end up getting my fix through Manga (which i can handle very well for some odd reason.) It is also the reason most of my anime has become an eechi mess as of late (i have many shows of which i do not even recall how they ended up on my que... )

Anyway, thanks for the support! It is very much appreciated!
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