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Posted 5/2/15 , edited 5/3/15

I've just started a new account, and I am satisfied with the current updates on the latest anime.

However, I felt that you can add more to it, Crunchyroll. Like for example have the classics from early 90s and also for some that aired before Winter 2009.

If you like, I can provide a list to begin with, and I hope to see many of these shows in the near future:

- .Hack//Sign - Full Metal Panic
- Accel World - Guilty Crown
- Afro Samurai - Gurren Lagann
- Aire Gear - Heaven's Lost Property
- Akuma no Riddle - Hell Girl (all seasons)
- Baka to Test - Hellsing (Original and Ultimate OVA)
- Black Blood Brothers - Hetalia
- Black (Star) Rock Shooter - Highschool of the Dead
- Blood + - Initial D
- Blood-C - Kanon 2006
- Blood Lad - Karas The Prophecy (Unsure if this is the exact title)
- Chobits - Kuroshitsuji
- Code Geass - Loveless
- Cowboy Bebop - Lucky Star
- Date-A-Live - Mirai Nikki
- DN Angel - Murder Princess
- Deadman Wonderland - Nichijou
- Nightwalker - Nyanpire the Animation
- Ouran High School Host Club - Peach Girl
- Pretear - Princess Tutu
- Queen's Blade (all seasons) - Red Garden
- RomeoXJuliet - Rosario+ Vampire
- Sengoku Basara - Basquash
- Shiki - Death Note
- Shuffle! - Space Dandy
- Spice and Wolf - Strawberry Panic
- ANY "Tales of" Series - Tiger and Bunny
- Tokyo Mew Mew - Tokyo Underground
- Trinity Blood - Tsubasa Chronicles
- Vampire Knight - Vampire Princess Miyu
- Vision of Escaflowne - Wedding Peach
- Witch Hunter Robin - Wolfs Rain
- Working!!
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Posted 5/3/15 , edited 5/3/15

Many of those are licensed by other companies, such as Funimation, so CR might not be able to get them. Or CR had them at one time, but lost them to others, like Ouran High School Host Club. Others, like Working!!, show up under an alternate title, like

As a premium member, though, the place to suggest shows is over at /forumtopic-588949/what-seriesmoviedramamanga-would-you-like-to-see-on-cr - that way, all suggestions are collected in one place so the licensing team can see what they can do, and I know several shows you've listed are in there as well.

Because of that, I'm closing this thread, my apologies.
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