Anime with great environmental design
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Posted 5/3/15
I would like if you gave me some recommendations of anime with great environmental design.
It doesn't need to be a good anime, but, obviously, I would prefer if they were.

Some examples:

Howl's Moving Castle (or anything by Ghibli)



Oban Star-Racers

Ghost in the Shell

Legend of Korra

Angel's Egg

The girl who lept through time

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Posted 5/3/15 , edited 5/3/15
Non Non Biyori really has some gorgeous outdoor scenary. Indoor environments aren't quite as good, but they are passable. Most of the show takes place outside anyway. :P

It's a cute slice of life anime with only 12 episodes. It's probably not going to do anything new in the genre, but it's a pretty relaxing show. I basically watched it while eating breakfast in the morning.

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Free!. Particularly the second season, its environmental details and character details are top notch in my opinion.

Gosick also has some nice background details, and when the main characters get out of the school, there are some nice environmental scenes, too.

Nobunaga The Fool also has some really amazing environmental scenes, but the story is a bit weird. they make historical figures meet one another and battling with mecha O.o

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Posted 5/3/15

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica has some interesting backgrounds.
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