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The Asian Phase
Posted 5/10/15 , edited 5/10/15

karmawimps wrote:

kogamii wrote:

I'm asian, and the only thing I do is eat noodles. I can eat noodles for breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner. 24/7. I'm quite good at making noodle dishes. Other than that, I don't do the rest. I seclude myself from most people and if I do hang out with people, they're not asian. Actually some are, but most no. Though the guys that are interested in me are always asian. I don't like dramas. I actually prolly only have taken two photos with the peace sign in my life time.

Shall we have a noodle-off to see which one of us is the stronger noodle? I've been noodling for years.

Bruh bring it on.
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Posted 5/10/15 , edited 5/10/15

narutosonic330 wrote:

Has anyone ever been through that phase where you just did everything Asian?

-Eating noodles for snacks
-Watching a lot of Asian dramas
-Listening to a lot of Asian music
-Having the Asian hairstyle
-Hanging out with a bunch of Asians
-Taking pictures with the peace sign

I've done half of these things by default, well cuz I didn't really have a lot of choices. I always watched Thai and Chinese dramas with my mom when I was younger, and she made the same thing for dinner every damn day. But, it's kind of funny to admit, but I went through that "Proud to be Asian" or "Azn Pride ^_^" phase a few years ago. Some people are like that now, and that's not a bad thing. It's just that I had way too much pride in my genes and kept referring myself as an Asian that I wasn't really patriotic with my origins.

FYI, you're not required to be Asian to do these things lol.

I only really watch anime, I do enjoy Japanese culture though.

And I didn't know taking pictures with the peace sign was an Asian thing.
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Posted 5/10/15 , edited 5/10/15
Oh, I am.

I have since I was born.

Since I am Asian.
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