The Paranormal Investigators Club
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Posted 5/4/15
Hey everyone! I copied and pasted this from my blog. This game is free, and if anyone wants to do a 'let's play', I welcome it.

Title: The Paranormal Investigators Club
Genre: Horror

Synopsis: Rin has a secret. A secret that's kept her from making any friends. Rin has the power to see ghosts, or at least she thinks she can see ghosts. She's not really sure if that's the case, or if she's going crazy. During her first day of school, Rin learns about a special club called 'The Paranormal Investigators Club', and rumor has it that the president can see ghosts as well!

This game features over 30+ different kinds of ghosts you can fight, and several hours of game play.

The Paranormal Investigators Club: Is actually a spin off from a manga I created called 'Mio's Story'. I always thought it was interesting when you find out that something 'mythical' or 'paranormal' is taking place behind the scenes. That's why I created 'The Paranormal Investigators Club'. Instead of people wondering if something is going on behind the scenes, instead I actually created something that's going on!

Anyways this game is mostly a comedy, and it's not really scary at all. So don't worry about any of that. There's no blood or cussing in it either.

You can download this game for free by clicking the following link-->

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Posted 1/15/17
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