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Are anime PVC scale figurines worth the cost?
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Posted 5/24/15
They are rather expensive, so to that extent I only really buy figures that I really want. Most are probably around the 80$ range though, not 150$. Ones I have atm are all Megahouse

-Nami Mugiwara ver
-GEM Kakashi
-Nami New World limited with the book of figures
-GEM Sakata Gintoki
-GEM Tsukuyo

I recently ordered my first two Nendoroids: Onodera Kosaki & Kirisaki Chitoge
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Posted 8/19/15
Thought I'd resurrect this post instead of making a new one. :-P

But my thoughts on Figurines... Man I've been wanting a nice one to put on my desk but $100+ for a figurine? Some of them reaching near $200... come on!

I know a lot of detail is put into these things but I don't see paying 40-50% of my paycheck for one. I gotta eat too!

I'll never chuck that much for one, maybe I'll buy a nice $40 one sometime.

I'll stick to buying Mangas
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Posted 8/19/15
I work so I can buy them
Posted 8/19/15
They are a bit expensive, but they look great. I have a few and I like them better than the action figures I have...........
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Posted 8/19/15 , edited 8/19/15
If you are an avid collector, then yes, they are worth the price. Art is never cheap.

Personally, I have better uses for my money (not console games).
When I have the disposable income, I would rather a hot date with my wife.
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Posted 1/24/17
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