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22 / Breaking 4th Wall
Posted 5/5/15 , edited 5/5/15

This thread will be 100% all about you, the members of Seriously Casual Otaku Land. You can include as much or as little information as you want, have it however long or short you want, use whatever images or gifs you want...don't feel pressured to limit your intro for the sake of appearances or using to much you can see, im taking up a CRAPLOAD of space for little ol' me so don't worry about it. Your post here is YOUR spotlight. This is where it is 100% all about YOU. So have fun and get the party started!
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22 / Breaking 4th Wall
Posted 5/5/15
Allow me to start this thread off by introducing myself...My name is Joshua, and I go by the Username "MekloThaDevil". In case you were wondering WHY my username seems so...out of place...well there is a good explanation. Everyone in my high school used to call me Meklo, because I'm actually a mixed race of a lot of races, predominantly White, Native American, and Hispanic. I look about as white as they come though, and I hung out with a lot of that plus a few other things earned me the Meklo name. So I tried to use "Meklo" as my username...but it was taken . So instead I chose to use "MekloThaDevil" because I figured no one could possibly have that name...and i was in the middle of binge watching High School DxD...and I've been regretting this name ever since .

I've been watching anime and reading manga since I was 6, but I've only been a serious Otaku since late 2013. Like any real Otaku, there is no such thing as a "Favorite" Anime/Manga for me...but if I had to name a few, I would say that as far as Anime goes, it would be (in no particular order): No Game No Life, Oreimo, Lucky Star, The World God Only Knows, The Fruit of Grisaia, Toradora!, Gosick, Outbreak Company, Fairy Tail, KanColle, Fate/Stay Night, Akame ga Kill, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere...and a few others. Manga is a much shorter list as I only recently got back into for now I would say Maga-Tsuki is at the top along with Girl May Kill and My Wife is Wagatsuma-san.

My preferred genres of Anime are Romantic, Rom-Com, Slice-of-Life, eechi, Fantasy, and action-adventure. For Manga, I would say Harem, Slice-of-Life, eechi, and Romantic. But to be honest, as far as Anime goes, I'm liable to watch anything's my weakness...especially Tsunderes...if there is a Tsundere, I'm going to watch it 9 times out of 10...

One of the things other Otakus are surprised to learn about me is that although I refuse to watch regular television and only watch Anime, I don't really care all that much for Anime movies. Part of the appeal with Anime is the feeling of growing with the characters over time and getting to enjoy that over a long period of time...where in a move you only get to experience that over the span of an hour and a half...not even worth 1/3 of a season...just doesn't feel the same. I have made exceptions in the past, but those are rare and not often...but who knows, maybe one day that will change

So my favorite Movies are The Breakfast Club, Walking Tall, the Star Wars trilogy, the Phantom of the Opera, most of the 007 movies, Braveheart, Indiana Jones, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, Master and Commander, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Hunger Games trilogy, Divergent, and Insurgent. If I have to insert something hate myself for saying this but...the last Anime movie I saw was the very first Pokémon movie (notice that at no point in this long intro have I even mentioned Pokémon...)...and that was when it came out on VHS...

If someone told me that I was going to die in 1 month, I would re-watch Gosick, Toradora!, Magi, Chaika -the Coffin Princess-, and then watch Toradora! again so that right at the end of the last episode, I would get to cry my eyes out and die with perfect timing.

Anyway, here's a link to my profile if you want to know a bit more about me (as in more relevant info, like what I enjoy about a few of my favorite Anime, see my reviews, and other such things...)

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F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 5/5/15 , edited 5/7/15
Hello, everyone. The name's sena-kun21 but you may call me Sena.

The history of my name came from reading one of my favorite manga, Eyeshield 21, which had my all time favorite character Kobayakawa Sena. Obviously, the number 21 was derived from his uniform number he wears when he plays American football. One thing I could say about this manga is that I've learned lot about this sport and grown to love it (btw, my favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks, if you want to know )

Anyway, my absolute all time favorite manga is One Piece. It was actually quite by accident, though. It happened one day when I was flipping through some channels because I was bored and I stumbled on an episode of One Piece (episode 12). I could never forget the scene where Klahadore/Kuro sliced through Merry. It left such a big impression on me that this got me to read manga with One Piece being my very first manga series. From then on, it turned me into a crazed Otaku. I couldn't get enough. I love all types of genre. So you can say my taste runs on the eclectic side. But if I have to choose a genre for both manga and anime, it would seem to fall on the romantic, romantic comedy with a mixture of fantasy and such.

By the way, I have a thing for Korean tv series. The first one I've ever saw was a romantic comedy called My Lovely Samsoon. I thought it was the cutest love story I've ever saw. It made me laugh and cry as well as given me the warm and fuzzy.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. I'm a hardcore RPr.

Anyway, here's a few pictures I like to share.

Here's my cute chibi Sena. Isn't he adorable? <3

Here's a very handsome profile of Sena.

Here's Sena x Suzuna.

Here's the Mugiwara crew.
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