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Posted 5/5/15
Hi All:

I realized this post will probably going to sounds like rant. So I am going to try my best not to sound like that.

Android Galaxy Tab streaming to Chromecast

Symptoms(in the order of madness level):
1. Crunchyroll app will crash my tablet... All controls unresponsive. Pushing the power button will do nothing. Must completely reboot by long pushing the power button. Extremely annoying. This happens once in every 10 or so episodes as I watch Fairy Tail.
2. Crunchyroll app plays commercial. I am a PREMIUM member. I pay $$ monthly so I won't have ads. This is equally annoying as issue 1. I checked the Crunchyroll app, it says I am logged in. This was when I was trying to watch Shokugeki Food Wars.
3. After it plays commercial in bullet 2, videl streaming cannot start. Forcing me to restart video streaming and thus plays another commercial, and then repeats. At this point I was seriously considering canceling my service.
4. After I finally get the video to stream (Food Wars). It halts and gives me the spinning circle and never came back.

I spent a good 30 minutes playing with Crunchyroll app and was not able finish 1 episode of anime. At the end, I opted out and started playing stuff on netflix instead. What a waste of time when I just wanted to relax and watch anime.
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