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Your favorite anime distributer, the good and the bad?
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Posted 5/7/15
Funimation and Aniplex are great of coarse, Daisuki is awful.
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Posted 5/7/15
Sentai Filmworks

- License more titles that I have an interest in buying on Home Video (BD)
- Puts everything they license on Home Video
- Dub quality varies, Dub quality has improved lately .
- Keeps Fans in the loop with their account


- Tries too hard to be the cool kid on the block
- BD / DVD combo packs
- Doesn't release everything on Home Video
- Uses their Limited / Collector editions to help defray costs of their regular editions releases (Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop)
- Video playback / player on site needs work.

Aniplex of America

- Pricing, doesn't release everything on BD (in the States)
- Great Collector's Editions if overpriced
- Every show available for streaming

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Posted 5/7/15

Good: They have a record of releasing the best dubs(aka Ocean). Also they release a lot of anime, so much infact, if it wasn't for viz, we would get only 50% of all the anime that has been released in NA so far.

Bad: if the dubbing wasn't done by Ocean, the odds are overwhelming that the dubbing downright sucks. Secondly in recent years, they have become way beyond cheap, when it comes to releases(box sets tend to be of the lowest quality possible, and the odds are, a box set doesn't get released at all sigh, nomatter how much in demand one would be.


Good: Funimation is trying to compete with Viz, so they release a lot of anime these day. While their dubbing is nowhere near Ocean lv, Funimation doesn't seem to outsource their dubbing like viz, they have their own team, so while their dubs are rarely anything special, actual bad dubbing in general, is very rarely seen from Funimation. Also Funimation makes a habit of releasing very sexy box sets.

Bad: Most of the VA staff for Funimation, are as generic as the majority of VAs in Japan, so don't expect anything really amazing dubbing job or for memorable voices/castings in general(Funimation only has a couple or so memorable VAs on staff, the rest are voices you'll forget even right after hearing them). Funimation box sets tend to be insanely priced for the what you get(most are nothing but a box, no bonuses, and they tend to cost 99 bucks, no joke. seriously for that kind of price, you wouls expect things like art boox, companion books, and OSTs, but generally Funimation box sets don't even come with any of those things). Ever since Funimation started getting into streaming, they have been publishing less anime(they have been paying for mainly streaming only lic for anime, instead of the full lic, so the odds of us getting DvD/BD releases out of them, has basically been cut in half.
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F / United Kingdom
Posted 5/7/15
Being in the UK, my favourite one is Manga since they bring out about 95% of all anime dvd's to this country.

I really don't like Beez though. Gurren Lagann complete collection was NOT complete. Not to mention, the weird way they brought out Durarara. So glad Manga re-released as a proper box set.
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Posted 5/7/15

I remember hearing somewhere that most anime, for whatever reason, still are doing stereo for the Japanese audio. A lot of the surround is added in the English dubs by companies like FUNimation. Since Sentai mostly does subs, that could be the reason? Of the small collection of Anime Blu-rays I have, only the movies have Japanese in 5.1.


I only started buying Anime BD recently, and I mostly choose ones that have 12+ episodes in a set since spending so much on 4 episodes just seems ridiculous to me, i'll stick to streaming those.

My favorites:

Good: Best price you can get. The remastering of Yu Yu Hakusho on BD looks great, and the entire series (112 eps) is in 4 sets. Sometimes has some good extras.
Bad: Some things are only on DVD. Movies in theaters are dubbed, at least the latest one is.

Viz Media
Good: Has all the Naruto movies. Showed the latest Naruto movie in a theater near me, and was subbed.
Bad: Some things are only on DVD. Not a large variety of shows.

Yea, 2.0 just doesn't sound good with the home theater or headphones. It sounds very empty, if you know what I mean.

I only own 2 BD/shows that have about 12 episodes. I've always disliked the way Aniplex separates their shows in about 4+ sets.
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