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Nihilism or Existentialism?
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Posted 5/8/15 , edited 5/9/15

Pastasaurus wrote:

Although I am Christian, nihilism makes more sense to me.

Same here. I actually think nihilism makes more sense within Christianity, as apart from God there is nothing and everything is pointless. Even thought itself cannot be relied upon, nor can our senses. Further than a lack of meaning, there is no reason to do anything at all. This is actually all decided in my head though, so it is self-contradictory, which means I cannot believe nihilism without God (or at least some form of higher power).

[General "you" from now on]
I don't think most people go far enough when they talk about stuff like this. That also applies to the demands for "rationality" and "logic" people make, without thinking about the implications. I also think "making your own meaning" seems to rely on a kind of belief in itself. Always seems like an excuse for people to explain the lack of effect their beliefs have on their everyday lives. "Everyone can decide what they want to believe, unless it disagrees with me in certain ways" This usually happens when others violate the "rights" of someone else. If everything is so pointless, why do you care what happens to others? Sure, you can say you are just doing what you want when you judge people like that, but then so are they.

That kind of philosophy gives a real emphasis on self, for no particular reason. I think it is really influenced by certain modern western ideas. Ones that make no sense to me to be honest. They make some morals totally objective and others totally subjective, for no real reason. Seems to be based a lot on personal choice. If it was just matter of wanting to be safe, that's fine, but designating some things as BAD over simply just stupid is ridiculous. Especially when people who subscribe to this insult religions (who emphasise community over self) claiming they are neither rational nor good. No higher power, no meaning, no objective morals. Taking the cake and eating the whole bakery.

If it's just doing what you want, you can't tell others what to do.

If it's for "the greater good of humanity", you can't be outraged when people suggest culling the disabled or selective breeding programs. It could be argued the only reason people want this is to help themselves anyway.

If you focus on the self, you have to admit greedy and manipulative is better. If someone fails, they were just not cunning enough. Being kind and helpful is fine, but that's only a pretense. Working under the natural order, it's about survival. Locking up criminals is only good because it protects you and your kin. There is no right and wrong there is just the weak. - No one actually believes this.

Everyone has morals, everyone believes said morals are objective. They will say they don't but they treat them like they are. Like how someone in this thread said something like "nihilism for philosophy, existentialism for real life". Your real life is what you believe.

No one is really a nihilist. You can't be. Your brain has to stop working. You have to become a robot; no longer human. To me there is only two options: A belief in a moral God that cares about humanity or nothing. If I choose nothing, I could never had made the choice in the first place. There's only one option.
Posted 5/8/15 , edited 5/8/15
I think I'm on the Nihilism side unfortunately but I believe in human Morals?
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Posted 5/8/15
I'm too disinterred to care about it either way.
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Posted 5/8/15

These are big words and even bigger definitions.

Religion is for people who desire hope.


The actual question is what is the meaning of your life.
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Posted 5/8/15
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