The ISIS hotel
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Posted 5/8/15 , edited 5/8/15
So apparently ISIS have re-opened up a 5-star hotel they previously took over.

Drinks will be soft, only, there’ll be no smoking, a strict dress code will be enforced, and punishments for infractions, if you are woman, will range from the application by female enforcers of a medieval-style spiked device to your breast, whippings, beatings, and death by a wide variety of means.

And don’t be checking in as Mr. and Mrs. Smith when the Ninawa opens to the general public. Adultery will get the missus stoned to death. If you are a gay couple, check into separate rooms. Otherwise you risk being hurled off the hotel roof or, yet again, stoned.
Opinions, feeling?

I personally think everyone in ISIS are sacks off shit that plegs the earth
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Posted 5/8/15
Hi there,

I am going to preemptively close this one as I feel that this is a discussion that simply is not going to end well one way or the other.

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