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Posted 8/26/15 , edited 8/26/15
Character Name: Kjell Baleaxe

Age: Unknown

Race: Familia

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Skills: Prenatural Skill with Melee Weaponry, Great Resistance (Not Immunity) to Fire

Likes: Being in Command, Close Combat, Causing Carnage and Igniting Forest's

Dislikes: Water, Long Range Combat, Anything Cold, Any who dare to try to defile the Tomb

History: A towering brute of a man, Kjell was born around the time of the Roman Empire, as a Gaul he fought against the invading Roman's time and again and gained the nickname of Baleaxe for his skill with his rune-covered weapon of choice. Whenever he took to the field the Roman's would flee in abject terror of the man who wore the flayed hides of his fallen victim's and a cloak of skulls, he was drawn to battle like a hound to fresh meat as he carved a bloody swath of carnage from London to Alexandria. His days of glory were ended when he was ambushed by an entire Legion of Roman soldier's near Byzantium on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, even he could not last for long as he fought for his life. For nearly a day he fought, but for every soldier he hacked down another two took his place as a venerable tide of soldier's surrounded him, his armour rent and bleeding from a dozen wound's he used the last of his strength to throw himself into the sea, rather dying from the brewing storm and be lost to the tide then be crucified. With his life fading, he screamed in anguish as a swarm of shark's surrounded him, ready to rend him asunder with a moment's notice but Kjell's cry had been heard. He was lifted from the water's by a murder of crow's, the favoured animal of Kjell's new master, Xipe Totec. The God and the Mortal communed, the God promising Kjell an eternity of war and the Mortal promising a aeon of service as the God's champion. Ever since, Kjell has slain his patron's foes time and again as he took part in nearly every war ever since, but recently, he has been ordered to guard a massive altar of human bone, even after a full century of protecting it Kjell has no clue as to what he is truly guarding...

Appearance: A towering brute of scarred muscle, Kjell wears only the furs of bear's and wolves, believing them to grant him a measure of their strength. With floor-length oynx hair his red eyes glow like burning coal's in the night. In battle he disdains ranged combat entirely as he wades through even the heaviest fire without a mark to hew his foe apart with his monstrous greataxe. Even without it he is able to a mortal man in twain with his hands alone...
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Posted 9/6/15


Sorry for the late approval
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Posted 9/29/15 , edited 9/29/15

Great discription..... Seems a bit overpowered........
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