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Posted 5/10/15 , edited 5/10/15
So CR points are basically just for showing off after you get 500, well I think they should add reward points. Reward points or RP for short are what you get for doing certain things on crunchy roll just like CR points, except that with RP you get rewards for spending them. These are how you earn them.

Ways to get them.

- 5 RP points every time you write a review on an anime/manga.

- 5 RP points for every 30 minutes of anime you watch through crunchy roll.

- 5 RP points for every 20 minutes of manga you read through crunchy roll.

- 50 RP points when someone uses one of your guest passes.

- 1 RP point for every 3 forum posts.

- 20 RP points for completing your profile.

- You get 3 RP points once each day for going on the crunchy roll website (Like a login reward)

- 1 RP point for every new forum topic you post.

- 10 RP point for every month you're on crunchy roll.

- 75 RP point monthly for being premium or premium+

Also there is a limit, you can only get a maximum of 5 RP points for every 3 forum posts and a maximum of 3 RP points for every new topic, also a maximum of 30 RP points for watching/reading anime/manga.

What they can be used for.

RP points are basically like money you can spend them in the RP shop, here are the items that will be in the RP point shop. They can also be used to enter the raffle. You can buy a ticket for the raffle and select 1 of the prizes listed further down the page. You have a higher chance of winning the raffle for every ticket you have and 15 winners are selected every month.

- 50 RP points gets you 3 hours of premium member ship (Non premium only)

- 150 RP points gets you a 10 hour premium pass. (Cannot be used on self).

- 125 RP points gets you a badge that you can customize your self.

- 30 RP points lets you have a sneak peak on 1 random achivements that you haven't got.

- 25 RP points gets you a ticket for the raffle.

- 250 RP points gets you a 10% discount off 1 thing in the crunchy roll shop (Monthly subscrbing premium members only, Once you've bought something in the crunchy roll shop the discount goes away.)

- 10 RP points lets you start a club (Only if you dont have the required amount of CR points)

- 50 RP points lets you buy 250 CR points.

All purchases are kept in a record and can be either private or public.

All premium members get 5 RP points off everything in the shop.

The raffle

These are the prizes for the raffle, also for every 5 raffle tickets you buy you get a 1 hour premium pass for a friend.

The winners of the raffle get 1 month of premium+ (If they already have it then they dont have to pay subscription for that month)

Plus the winners also get to select 1 of these prizes.

A 7 day premium pass for a friend

15% off 3 things in the crunchy roll shop (The discount goes once you have bought 3 things).

1500 CR points.

Prizes are sent to mailbox and are sent to a different player if not claimed within 10 days (Only 1 gift needs to be claimed so this wont happen)

So this is my idea, please leave some feedback and tell me what you think and I will edit it if anyone has an idea that I could put in.

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Posted 5/10/15 , edited 5/10/15
I can see people exploiting the watch or read time of anime/manga to get RP.
Honestly, I don't this is a good idea :/
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Posted 5/10/15 , edited 5/10/15
Maybe they could record the time they are watching the anime or reading the manga.
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