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Post Reply When did Naruto go downhill for you?
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Posted 5/10/15 , edited 5/20/15
Personally, I think it went downhill after the Pain Arc.
I mean it could have ended that way with Naruto being hero of the village. Then, all of sudden, the Akatsuki is not run by Pain, but Tobi and there is much more secret things behind the whole thing. It was dragged on, right?
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M / Searching For Gon...
Posted 5/10/15 , edited 3/30/16

To me. This is only my opinion.

It wasn't Pain ark that it went down hill.

For me it was these.

Kishi forgot to add 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th,7th, Tail Beast/Jins side story. By not adding them in wasn't the best idea. Cause I personal want to know the truth behind it's character. Like we seen in the anime for the 6th tail Beast/ Jins.

And I was hoping Kishi would explain which team of Akatsuki took out each Tail Beast/Jins..

Then we had no knowledge on Uchiha Kagami. He was only shown in the anime to be reveal to be on 2nd Hokage Tobirama's squad team. But when Tobi unleash Kyuubi upon the village. Uchiha Kagami wasn't shown in the manga nor was he shown in the anime. All we know is what 3rd Hokage Hiruzen stated he was strong person who saved Danzou.

Then in the War. I was hoping that Kishi would try to use Kabuto to Edo revive the Uchiha clan.

I wanted Suigetsu to fight his other brother. To see who is more stronger.

I wanted to see Juugo fight against Kimimaro.

I wanted Kabuto to revive Uchiha Izuna to fight against 2nd Hokage Tobirama.

I wanted to see the 3rd Hokage Hiruzen in Monkey Sage Mode.

I wanted to learn where 1st Hokage Hashirama learn Sage Mode. And how he died.

Or we didn't get to see Uchiha Shisui's body to confirm that he is dead.

I wanted 4 Raikage to fight his father, the 3rd Raikage.

I wanted to know who's Byakugan that Ao's stolen from.

Also instead of making a movie. Kishi could use what he did in the movie. To add in the manga for his new mini series.

To be honest. I wanted Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's battle to prolong more. We didn't get to see her fight at full strenght.

That is off my head. But this is only my opinion.

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18 / M / Ireland
Posted 5/10/15 , edited 5/10/15
The Pain Invasion arc was definitely the last time I loved the show. The Five Kage Summit Arc was okay. Then The Fourth Great Ninja War happened and I started to really dislike it. And I disliked how Kyuubi was suddenly a nice guy, was very jarring for me.
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Posted 5/14/15 , edited 5/20/15
Pain arc was one of the best arcs I've seen. It was completely epic and well done. After that, I can't help but think Studio Perriot spent the entire budget on that arc. Crappy animation was all that followed. Also, this new filler arc that has lasted almost fifteen episodes is just ridiculous. I realize animating process takes a long, long time. But I can't help but think the animation studio is just wanting to milk their only good series for all its' worth. Lord knows they took a massive crap on Tokyo Ghoul.
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19 / M
Posted 5/14/15 , edited 5/29/15
When they decided to create it. #shotsfired
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Posted 5/20/15
Going to have to agree with after the Pain arc. It would have been a great place to end the series as Naruto had pretty much attained what he sought since episode 1. The Akatsuki started out interesting, but everything was just dragged out plus random story stops to alternate universes and fillers that should have happened in past arcs have made a lot of people drop this series.
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Posted 5/27/15 , edited 3/30/16
When they had ten episodes of sasukes family getting killed over and over
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25 / F / With the Adeptus...
Posted 5/29/15 , edited 3/30/16
Every time the fillers start it starts making its way back down the hill then when they end it starts making it way back up.
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27 / M / England
Posted 5/29/15
The pain arc and the main fight especially were insane. I remember being in awe when watching it. The start of the 4th war arc was alright. Had awesome moments. What let it down for me was the six paths explaining it all. Before i found the sixth paths very mysterious. I liked thinking Naruto was special and fated for greatness. Neo, the chosen one ect. Instead he is just the reoccuring drama between a couple brothers. It was lack luster. Whats worse is that Madara was sooooo OP. The ultimate villian and he just farts out the b*tch mother who makes madara look like a wimp. This story just become - I am the strongests bad guy. No now i am the stongest bad guy. No i am the strongest Monster. No now im the strongest bad guy again. Nope i am the strongest woman and i ate a fruit and you all have powers cos of me Cheers for the fruit but actually we are the strongest. ouch wheres my hand. The end.

So ya i really loved this show. Now i just like it but its sad because it was soooo epic and i unashamedly admit i fan boy'd over Naruto and his never give up attitude. I wanted him to take the glory. Not share it with Sasuke:P Also did kishi have it in for Sakura lol. She could of got stronger without always being a joke behind their backs. He made her look like a goon. Especially when lying to Naruto. This show always had its flaws but it was negligable compared to its pro's. These days its pretty balanced sadly. I wonder if kishi losing his dad made him rush end the show. I wanted to see Naruto attain his position of hokage. Not just an afterthought. Also the guy up there mentioning the fights/extractions and backstories of the tailed beasts that were left out was a silly move.

Ah well. Its better to exist like this than not at all:)
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Posted 6/11/15
I just hope they get to the fight. People are waiting for some kind of fight. All we get is fillers. It makes me want to be a regular member so I can fast forward the 3 fillers in a month and watch the 1 good show. . On dallas J.R. got shot. The next season we found out who it is > This fight all we figured out is how much filler over and over about orbito . Who cares why he wore goggles when he was 9. Who cares how he was treated when they are in a battle for the world. All I see is so much filler its not worth much being a paying member here. The last Naruto ..about 2 minutes if that much is worth watching !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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21 / F
Posted 6/23/15
The Shinobi war arc was dissapointing, but the fight between Kakashi and Obito was entertaining.
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32 / San Fran
Posted 8/17/15
The fourth war arc, definitely...
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29 / M
Posted 8/18/15
i enjoy shippuden but i hate all these fillers and canon episodes where old scenes are repeatedly reused
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52 / M
Posted 9/17/15
yeah, the repeated .." fight fight fight filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler fight fight fight" gets really old fast. This "battle" going on now would have been done now if they hadn't stretched it with weeks and weeks of filler episodes. I really don't mind the background on the characters, I just think the filler is a bit much at the moment.
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31 / M / India
Posted 9/20/15
u killed minato, jiraya.. every girls is like.. ooohhh sasuke... naruto kills pain.. sauske kills itachi (rubbish) come on.. you killed fourth hokage.. u lost me there.. and then fight.. fight.. flashback.. flashback.. fight.. filler .. filler .. infinite filleryomi..
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