Elsword, My Characters and their Role-Play
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Posted 5/11/15
Just letting all my peeps know that if you happen to play Elsword, feel free to add up my characters :)

Never heard of Elsword before? Then before reading this, go to http://en.elswordonline.com/ and get it! Its is 100% FREE-TO-PLAY! I pinky promise it's the truth.

My main character for my Role-Play is a "Chung" class called AnimeAdmiral, where I RP as a rare male "Mental Model" who is the Flag Ship of a Fleet, but has lost his mental model and is on a mission to gather other Mental Model's from the Fleet and become the ultimate land locked mental model. Using my Main Cannon and my unlocked sidearm, I pretend that they are all I have left of my ships weaponry that I was able to create from nano-materials (As a former SuperBattleship)...epic right? You can thank the Ars Nova Anime for that Soon I will be creating a guild in-game that will fully realize this RP on a whole new level, I just havn't finalized a name for the guild.

My other main character is a "Add" Class called "GothicMaster". With him, I RP as a Evil Mastermind, not bent on world domination so much as enjoying the destruction of my enemies. I am 100% decked out in the Gothic Loli style with a Gothic Loli pet to accompany me. Debating creating a guild for this character as well, but have this one be literally just me and maybe some REALLY chill people...don't want it to have to be ANY work at all, as that is what I will be doing with the guild the Admiral will be running. This guild will be for Gothic Lolitas only oh yea

My fun little side character is a "Aisha" Class called "TsundereGoth". As mentioned, this is more of a fun side character I only play sometimes to pass the time and be different, so I don't have a great RP story for her. But I do have a very unique style for her, as you can see in the picture below. Basically she is a magical girl who was abandoned by her family when she accidently activated her powers. Feared as a demon, she set off on her own in search of power. Although I named her as a Tsundere, she could also be classified as a Kuudere depending on my playstyle for that session, as sometimes I play her like she has a bad attitude and and worse temper, but sometimes I play her as one cool kitty, walking through dungeons while blasting foes away. Maybe ill rename her one day If I create a Gothic Lolita guild with my GothicMaster character, I will likely try to get this character in as a member.

Anyway, if y'all are interested, add me as a friend in-game and join my future guilds (if you are prepared for the RP. If you don't RP, just add as a friend...trust me.)

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