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Posted 5/12/15 , edited 5/12/15
Hey Everyone!

For those who don't know me. I am known as Arc. I created Toka (the chatroom site for this group) along with the help of another developer, Bob620. I just wanted to provide some updates on Toka.

I am going to be doing hardcore programming for the next month or so---so we can get some vital features in. These updates will include several features that make keeping up with people on Toka much easier (friending, creating profiles, saving chatrooms, searching through chat history, receiving messages directed at you from any chatroom via @username). I also plan to implement basic moderation features and also make an iOS app for convenience (Android will follow shortly after).

My goal for Toka is to make it easier to meet people online by connecting them through common interests. Safety is my top priority, then fun and awesomeness.

Some extra notes:
Don't feel pressured to use Toka if you honestly don't like it--I won't be hurt too bad : ' ). I also don't mind if you guys want to reconnect elsewhere after meeting on Toka (Skype is a common thing I've seen). I'll definitely be working on making Toka more viable above other platforms, but regardless the main goal is for you to make friends---so trying to keep in touch is something I encourage.

After the mobile app for Toka is completed. I will started publicizing it to other groups within CR and in different areas of interest (computers, games, and other forms of healthy fandum).

Thanks for being the pioneers of Toka! If I create a title system; everyone who has signed up (until I started inviting other groups) will get an exclusive title. I will be in the developers chatroom focusing on programming so I won't be on this group's chatroom 24/7 anymore to look for messages and greet newcomers. I'll let you guys know when the new features are available :).



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Posted 5/29/15 , edited 5/29/15
Arc, let me know when i can get the mobile app // would be easier for me
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Posted 7/13/15 , edited 7/13/15
Keep up the GREAT work! It looks fantastic!
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