Let's get to know each other!
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Hey guys.

I'm new to these forums even though I've been using Crunchyroll for just under a year now. I just never thought of joining the forum community until now.

So yeah, let's get to know each other a bit. Let's all tell each other our favorite colour, anime, game or anything else you'd care to share.

I'll go first!

Contrary to my name my favorite colour isn't actually blue, it's purple.

My favorite anime would probably be... Y'know what? I really don't think I could choose just one. It really depends on how I'm feeling or what I'm watching at the time I'm asked. Right now it would probably be "Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?" Having said that I frickin' love "Another." How great was that show?

My favorite games seem to all come from Nintendo. I love the Zelda series; with Twilight Princess being my favorite out of the lot of them. I seem to be the only fan of the series that doesn't like Majora's Mask though. *Raises Flame Shield*. I'm still new to the Fire Emblem series, I've only beaten the newest one; Awakening. Although I have got 300+ hours on it. xD Killing Floor's another good one, although that's not a Nintendo game. I've been playing a lot of Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi recently, oh! And Hyrule Warriors! Gotta love those Warriors games!

I'm 20 years old and I live in the sunniest place in Britain: Scotland. (Obvious sarcasm is obvious. xD)

So yeah, Blue's here now and he doesn't intend to leave for a while! So let's all get along. o/
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My favourite colour is burgundy. Such a rich, deep and lovely colour.

My favourite anime is Is The Order A Rabbit?, Hyōka or Celestial Method. I can't pick just one, it's so hard. When push comes to shove.. it'll have to be the first I mentioned. Bunnies > all.

Favourite game is Pokémon and Harvest Moon, so Nintendo! But I do have a nostalgic love for Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda as they were my first games I ever played. My favourite platform is Playstation and I play some online, such as Aion.

I'm 23, 24 soon-ish and I live in England :3
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Oh. >.< Final Fantasy. How could I have missed that one? >.<

I tried watching "Is The Order A Rabbit" a while ago but I stopped for some reason, I honestly can't remember why. :/
Maybe I'll try watching it again soon.
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Favorite color? I really don't have one.
Anime? Too indicicive to choose. I'd say I really enjoyed several though: The World is Still Beautiful, Parasyte-the maximum-, Yona of the Dawn, and many more.
Games? The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Bioshock, Borderlands, Resident evil, Metro 2033..
21 and American.
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Hn (Uchiha Universal Greeting)

Favorite Color would have to be Crimson/Black
Favorite Anime would have to be Hellsing without a doubt
Favorite Manga: Real easy, Mahou Negima Sensei, the BEST work of art ever produced by Ken Akamatsu-sensei, for he is KAMI-SAMA!
Favorite Games: Kingdom Hearts, The Last of Us, Uncharted, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Final Fantasy X, XII and XIII
Favorite Music genre would have to be Rock. Sub-genre's like Heavy Metal, Metal, Alternative Rock etc etc
Favorite Culture: Japan, real easy
Favorite Food: Seafood
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Favorite colors - Black, blue, red, purple
Favorite anime - Lucky Star, Evangelion, FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, falling in love with Elfen Lied and Ore Monogatari!!! (My Love Story!!!),
Favorite video games - Pretty much any Pokemon, any Assassin's Creed game (so far Rogue is my favorite), and my boyfriend is getting me into the Final Fantasy games. I love history related games. I love a lot of different sorts of games really it'd be too much to list.

As far as music, I'm all over the place. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are my most favorite band, but I love a lot of metal, classical (anything from medieval to romantic era but not limited to), classic country, classic rock, oldies, vaudeville stuff, steampunk, dark cabaret, my boyfriend has got me into some rap, and I do have a weakness for Jpop and some Kpop. Like I said all over the place. I'm really more into artists than I am genres. Not an elitist by far. :P

I'm a huge history nerd. My friends don't always understand it, but they tend to be amused by how much I get into it, how much I care to know, and the artwork I create. (my love of history can be like some peoples' love for anime). I still keep in mind these figures were human being with very obvious flaws. No one is perfect.

It's kinda hard for me to think about what people might be interested in knowing about me. I suppose it's best just to ask me questions and talk to me more!

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Color - I don't really have one so I guess...white? I like to wear blacks often..dunno
Anime - FLCL
Game - I like wifi battling on Pokemon. Favorite game of all time would probably be Persona 3. Dark Souls is my jam too.
Music - The typical big-shots in jazz...John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus. Sometimes I'm feeling something more avant garde like The Bad Plus. I like pop punk. I usually take it with a little more punk than pop i.e. Joyce Manor. I occasionally dabble in some hip hop. Something smooth with a strong beat like Nujabes or Force of Nature. My all-time favorite band is Radwimps, a Japanese band from Yokohama.

I'm studying to become a mechanical engineer. I like photography and skateboarding (even though I suck).
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Blue / Teal / Neon Blue/Green
Ajin demi human was pretty cool for a manga and I finished the whole thing, I'll hopefully be getting the volume 4 of knights of sidonia soon
Fullmetal Alchemist, Code geass , evangelion , your lie in april, elfen lied but i haven't seen much of that, I wanna check out berserk and claymore as well
Red hot chilli peppers, Bliss n Eso , Vinnie Paz, Keepsafe, In Hearts Wake, Angus & Julia Stone
Fire emblem: Awakening, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Dark Souls 2 - Scholar of the first sin, Grand Theft Auto V, Final Fantasy a realm reborn, Killing floor 2, Skyrim etc
Ghost in the shell, Princess mononoke, ugh can't think of them but I think I liked howl's moving castle.... The Evangelion Movie remakes was great watched all 3 of those
I used to read a lot of horrible history books
I like Mexican & Japanese

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@halfblue99 - there is definitely sun in Scotland, I've been there and I definitely have photographic evidence (and my brother lives in S/Queensferry)...

Not CR related, but you say KF, have you played the early access for KF2? I enjoyed it and it ran well, I've just not played it much! I also run a BF4 server/clan and I'm playing Bravely Default too.

CR related, I'm on S2 of Fairy Tail right now, I'm pretty much hooked, in fact it's preventing me from watching Fate Stay/Night :blink:

Colours I'm pretty much indifferent to as I wear them all horribly

Food, not too fussy, I just don't eat fruit - mainly out of stubbornness but veggies I'm fine with.

@ExiAHesP I'm guessing you've watched Knights of Sidonia too? Will be on to the next season as soon as it's ready.
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@aos0 - Yona was fantastic. :3 I really hope we get a season 2. :D

@Lordotaku666 - Sounds like we enjoy similar music. Any favorite bands?

@snowstarchan - I loved Lucky Star. >.< It was the first anime I watched! (Well besides Pokemon or Dragonball Z on TV as a kid. :3)
If you're still trying to get into the Final Fantasy series I'd recommend X, mainly because of Blitzball. xD Seriously though, how cool is Blitzball?

@karmawimps - I've never actually played my Pokemon games online. I always worried about going up against and IV/EV trained 'mon.
I'm a filthy causal. xD

@ExiAHesP - I never actually watched the original FMA, I've only watched through Brotherhood. It's a fantastic show.
I'd really recommend Claymore, I fanboyed over it for about a month after I first watched it. xD

@stormfury2 - You must have come up on our one day of summer then. xD
Yeah, I bought KF2 the moment I could. I think I've only beaten the new boss two or three times though.

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