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Favorite art/animation style
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Posted 9/5/15 , edited 9/5/15

Dominion Tank Police is great, too. Shirow's stuff has personality. I wonder why Ghost in the Shell was never animated that way; besides the PS1 game. I also love Katsuhiro Otomo's character design work.
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Posted 9/5/15 , edited 9/5/15
I like The art used in Robotics;Notes and Sword Art Online!

As for animation, I gotta go with the Fate series!

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Posted 9/5/15 , edited 9/5/15
The Bakemonogatari series. - Very crisp, clean, and the symbolism/references placed in almost every scene are fun to watch.

Jojo's Bizarre adventure - This is how manly men do anime! I pretty much love it for its classic comic book feel, more in the earlier seasons.

Fate/Stay Night UBW - Everything is beautiful about this. It's Cinema quality animation every episode! Oh, except for the faces. It's like they decided to cut the budget there by making everyone look like almonds with side mouth half the time. Although the expressions were top notch and entertaining to watch.

Sound Euphonium - some of the best animation sequences of any anime, especially at night!

Anything from Studio Trigger - It's just fun!

Dennou Coil - very non-traditional which makes it fascinating.

No Game on Life - Colors! Oh the colors!

Cowboy Beebop - I miss this classic style. They need to use it again...

God Eater - It kind of has a cut-out/cell-shaded feel to it, which is fantastic, but it makes anime's usual lower frame rate much more noticeable.
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Posted 9/5/15 , edited 9/6/15
My favorite has to be Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei. It's simple, sharp, and high-contrast, but extremely quirky and has tons of visual stunts.

On that note, I like most of SHAFT's stuff in general. Particular titles include Monogatari, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko, and Mekakucity Actors. I like how their characters look when they draw them with a more detailed, normally-proportioned style; not so big on stuff like Madoka Magica. I love how they toss around wacky architecture willy-nilly.

I also tend to really enjoy the more cartoony styles, as long as they've got the right amount of personality to go with them. Kill la Kill, Soul Eater, Kyousougiga, and Tatami Galaxy are all good examples. The designs look kind of sloppy, until you see them in motion and realize that the animation hinges on the art style for its "oomph".

I love how subdued the lineart is in Hyouka. It really makes the colors pop, and even when the visuals aren't very colorful, the realistic-looking effect it produces, combined with the nice character designs, gives it a lot of charm.

I think the style of Working!! is very clean and nice to look at.

Finally, Nagi no Asukara is straight-up scenery porn.
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Posted 9/5/15 , edited 9/6/15
JoJo Bizarre Adventure, I have to put this as my number one as it has a very unique style all its own while delivering high quality animation.

Fate Stay/Night, simply all around gorgeous.

One Piece, also very unique art style, but isn't as high quality as JoJo.
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Posted 9/5/15 , edited 9/7/15
Pretty much anything Silver Link does. Even though Chaos Dragon isn't that good, it still LOOKS good.

(Strike the Blood)

P.A. Works has some pretty good stuff out there as well.

(Angel Beats)

And I know they get a LOT of grief, but J.C. Staff has produced a bunch of my most enjoyed anime series.

(The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)
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Posted 9/5/15 , edited 9/6/15
Fate/Stay night has amazing animation and a unique art style, I also like one piece art as it is in my opinion the most unique. Another would have to be kill la kills art and animation, absolutely lovely.
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Posted 9/6/15 , edited 9/6/15
The remake of Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (2014) amazed me. The animation is amazing, you can see the tiny details in the background and especially during the battles.

I actually like the animation in Ouran Highschool Host Club, despite the fact it was aired ~9 years ago. For an anime made in 2006, it has high quality and if you pay close attention to the backgrounds and how the school was designed, the details are there.

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Posted 9/6/15 , edited 9/7/15

tyranofication wrote:

EmeraldSplashKakyoin wrote:

JoJo`s Bizarre Adventure:Stardust Crusaders is my fav!

Nice choice. ;)

The chances i'd pick the same screenshot as someone else in the tread xD

Thanks! You too! LolXD

Posted 9/7/15 , edited 9/7/15
Attack on Titan




K project
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Posted 9/7/15 , edited 11/19/15
I really love the moe style of KyoAni,but I also like the "cartooney" style of like animes like Durarara as well. KyoAni has very fluid and detailed animation, but Durarara in the first season especially managed to make its style work by specifically highlighting its ensemble cast by graying unnecessary background characters in the massive Tokyo city setting, while also keeping the designs for the entire cast pretty unique.

Sports anime like Haikyuu and KnB also have well drawn and designed art. Not sure if I should mention Free! or not, since it falls under KyoAni territory.
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Posted 11/17/15 , edited 11/20/15
I really love the art and design of the 1985 version of "Gegege no Kitaro"
Posted 11/18/15 , edited 11/19/15
Mononoke will always be what I consider the epitome of animation.
Posted 11/18/15 , edited 11/19/15
Top Anime Styles;
Black Lagoon
Ergo Proxy
Wolf's Rain

Ufotable is a notable contender, but the CGI bothers me.
Posted 3/14/16 , edited 3/14/16
I'd say my top picks are

Soul Eater

Panty & Stocking

& Kill la Kill

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