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Posted 5/13/15
So, one thing that I really wish is that there were multiple options, since I like watching Anime that my friends recommend, but there are some things that I wish I could do:

- Skip Introduction Sequence
- Skip "Last Time On" Sequence
- Skip "Commercial Markers" Sequence(s)
- Skip Credits Sequence
- Skip "Next Time On" Sequence

I wish I could optionally select each one, since sometimes I like the Credits (catchy tune), but the Credits in between are bad. The problem with this option is that it would require that employees would manually review each anime and select the timing of each sequence. So, what I was thinking was this:

Crowdsourcing Sequence Values
You could optionally turn these off at any point in time, and basically, it would be an additional bar that would be underneath the entire window (see image example).

How this would work is that, you can, with the current marker select that a sequence starts (or ends) at a specified point. The system will record that you clicked the button, and save it off. Then, the system averages the values, removing the outliers, and puts the sequence marker for all Crunchyrollians to utilize. On the timeline, you can see where the sequences begin and end (one thing I forgot to add, the toggle to hide the sequence markers on the timeline), and you can check off which ones you want to completely skip.

The second part of the crowdsourcing is the confirmation box. If you're in crowdsourcing mode, it would say, "X:YY ago, you passed the X sequence." with a checkbox and and X box. That way, you can provide further confirmation.

The confidence selection ranges from 1 to 10. 1 means that if at least 1 person submits the sequence markers, regardless of where they are, you'll accept them, as long as they are in a valid location (for example, putting an end credits start marker before the introduction end marker would be invalid). If you select a 5, that means that sequence markers have begun to settle, and people are now starting to vote on the selection of the sequence marker. If you select a 10, that means that almost everyone has given a thumbs up that the sequence marker is the correct one, which means that you would only like to skip selections if the system is 100% sure that the marker is in the correct location, but it could mean that less-travelled animes will have no option to skip sequences. Additionally, 10 would be if a Crunchyroll Employee set the sequence marker manually.

Just an idea. What do you all think?
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Posted 5/13/15
I've never seen that on a site that has a streaming or video service ever. I would see that more as of a plug-in feature that you could do with chrome or some such.

If say some of the bigger streaming sites came along and did that maybe i could see some of the smaller ones doing it.
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Posted 5/13/15
Pretty neat idea but it would never happen. As stated above, maybe if the bigger ones started doing it first but unlikely.
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Posted 5/18/15
I wish we could do it, Netflix can skip openings for shows.

I like the "next time on" sections though, because it usually has unique dialog.

I would at the very least prefer a better way to actually get through them, especially in the apps. it can't even go less than 30 seconds and it doesn't actually land where you put it. It's always a few seconds before. :|
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