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23 / Breaking 4th Wall
Posted 5/13/15 , edited 5/14/15
Recently I finally was able to get myself into the Closed Beta of World of Warships (Don't ask me NUTHIN though, I cannot and WILL NOT break the non-disclosure agreement.)

However, the game itself has taken a backseat to the WoWs forum. Yes, I have become more obsessed with the games FORUM more than the actual game it is dedicated to. WTF? you might ask...the answer is a hidden jewel in the forum. There is a section in the forum that is dedicated to Role-Playing...yes, a game about SHIPvSHIP battles has a ROLEPLAYING SECTION in its forums (thanks to manga/anime/other games such as Kantaii Collection (KanColle), Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Ars Nova, etc.). Well I found a very unique RP group that was founded 2 odd years ago and has been going steady ever since.

The group is dedicated to RPing in the universe of Arpeggio of Blue Steel, post-Ars Nova timeline. What makes this group really unique is that 1-all ships previously destroyed in the series are "un-sunk" for the RP's purpose, and 2-although based on the AoBS universe, they do NOT just follow the motions of the manga or the anime. They acknowledge that the events of Ars Nova did happen, however in the RP universe, I-401 did deliver the warhead to the USA, but that certain events occurred which rendered the completion of that mission to be pointless.

From that basic stand point, the RP is almost like a MMORPG in which YOU choose a ship, its mental model (you can use the default model from the manga/anime if available, or create a 100% unique model), and then from there you begin in the universe. You can choose to be a member of the Fleet of Fog or side with the humans. You are free to do almost anything you wish, so long as you respect the events occurring in the RP universe and keep in mind that you are responsible for your actions 100%. There are no "Turns", actions occur as often as YOU and/or others determine.

It is SO MUCH FUN, it almost gives me a glimpse into a world where they finally create a Arpeggio of Blue Steel videogame (they might have like 5 or 10 years ) Its very in-depth and allows for 100% freedom to create as you wish, along with members who are friendly and help you out when it is needed (even if you didn't realize until you made a mistake).

Overall, this is how cool it is...I didn't even watch anime or read a single manga yesterday due to me doing research on my ship ( the Dreadnought Battleship "Nagato" ) and playing a bit of World of Warships...that's all. It has been over a year since I've gone 24 hours without anime or manga...that should tell you something.

Anyway, you don't need to be a Beta Access member, or ever even play World of Warships to join in the RP fun. If you are interested, make a cool profile (to be able to access the forum and participate. I would suggest using a name that shows your support of Arpeggio of Blue Steel / Ars Nova...just for coolness factor ) and find our group! Its hard to miss. If you want, add my profile as a friend and ill help you out! I find it very fun to help create a backstory and intro for new currently working on one for a fellow member who just joined the RP with me. If you want to find me, my username is "Admiral_ArsNova"

To find the RP group on the Forum, go HERE

For the RP Support and Recruiting group, go HERE

To find my profile, go HERE

Hope to see you guys soon! Have fun in your journey!

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