MoMoCon 2015
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Posted 5/13/15
Are you going to attend MoMoCon 2015 May 28-31?
If you are, are you going to cosplay? Who will you be cosplaying as?
What are you most excited about for MoMoCon? The events, guests, artists, and etc?

I will be attending on Sat. May 30th with a few friends :3
I'm going to be cosplaying as Giffany from Gravity Falls in the episode "Soos and the Real Girl"

I'm also very excited to see other cosplayers! I also can't wait to meet the voice actor Crispin Freeman and the youtuber/animator MysteryBen >w<! It will be the first year for a couple of friends that are coming along, so I can't wait to see their reaction and amazement of their first con! :3 Definitely looking forward for MoMoCon 2015!! xD
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Posted 5/14/15
I'll be going MomoCon for all 4 days. I'll be cosplaying as Trafalgar Law from One piece and Itachi from Naruto. I'm excited for the panels and all the video game, animation, comic, anime & Youtube guests such as Brainscratch Comms, Toonami & Pokemon Youtubers . This con is going to keep me really busy .

I'm also looking forward to making a vlog of the con since I got a nice new camera.
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Posted 5/24/15 , edited 5/30/15
I will be going on Friday and Saturday with a friend. And will be cosplaying Yona from Akatsuki No Yona. I'm most looking forward to the panels , screenings, and of course seeing all the cosplays!
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Posted 5/25/15 , edited 5/30/15
I'll be there on Saturday and possibly Sunday. My first con was going to be Anime Expo but my friends are dragging me here, excited for my first con experience tho no cosplay! Looking forward to wandering around, panels, people watching, and seeing how many cosplays I can recognize.
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Posted 4/26/16
This event is long over! Look forward to the new one.
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