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Posted 5/14/15 , edited 5/14/15
I have a mac. It is completely up to date and it stops every minute on my laptop so I thought I would try my friend's computer. It has the same issue. I also tried many other laptops and desktops and experimented with quite a few things that might cause it to stop and freeze. I hate that it just stops and does not even try to load. I don't care if I have to wait for it to load or anything, but no matter how long I wait it won't start back up again. It is making me really mad at the moment because I do not have premium for a while because I cannot afford it until after my move, However, to watch 2 minute of commercials just to watch 1 minute of show turns me away from this site for months at a time sometime. The only reason that I come back is because I have all of my wishlist items on here. I am thinking that I will look for a new site soon and copying down my wishlist, though. I cant stand the amount of freezing that it does. When they get this fixed then I might come back, but for now I think this is one of their main issues. I hope that cruncyroll keeps this in mind when they think about ways to improve their site.
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Posted 5/14/15 , edited 5/15/15
it may be a CR server issue or maybe its a problem with your computers files or it may be a virus you got because the same stuff happened to me on here awhile back and it was an issue with the computer, if this didn't help try calling CR support the rest I don't know what to do.if its an issue with multiple computers it may be an issue with your account if it never works again id suggest using funimation.
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