The Magical Coke Machine
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Posted 2/5/08
*This was not created by me, so DONT CREDIT ME!!

Okie, here's how it goes - The first person has to say for example *insert $1* or *insert a chair* and the next person says *you get a/out came a [insert something here]* and then insert something.


A: Insert $10
B: You get a hundred pairs of old socks. *Insert tap dancer*
C: Out came his shoes! *Insert a dalmatian*
D: You got spots all over! *Insert 0.01*
A: Out came -- a toenail. *Insert a mouse*

.. and so on.

Well I'll start:

*Inserts $1.01

[Next person posts what comes out and something to insert]
Posted 2/5/08
Gets a sweet

Inserts a thread called

**The Vending Machine
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Posted 2/5/08
^ Locked
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