Oregairu to Batman Conversion!
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Posted 5/16/15
Here's what I've worked out so far:

Hachiman Hikigaya = Batman

"I'm the Hachiman."

Haruno Yukinoshita = Joker

"Why so serious Hikigaya-kun?"

Yukion Yukinoshita = Commissioner Gordon

An exceptional person who disagrees with Batman's methods on principle, but ultimately must admit to their validity and works alongside him

Yui Yuigahama = Barbara Gordon/ Batgirl

She admires both the Commissioner and Batman and tries to be there for both

Saika Totsuka = Robin

The only person who truly looks up to Hachiman and would like to learn from him.

Komachi Hikigaya = Catwoman

She genuinely cares about Batman, though she can cause a lot of trouble for him. Also, cat fangs.

Hiratsuka Shizuka = Alfred

The wise, elderly influence in Hachiman's life who recognizes his potential but tries to guide him away from a path that will destroy him.

Zaimokuza = The Creeper

This one's rather obvious

Saki Kawasaki = Katana

She tends to be quite stoic and determined with anything she sets her mind to.

Hayato Hayama = Harvey Dent

He has a two-faced nature when it comes to dealing with the world's problems. He claims to want what's best for people, but is often unwilling to do what is truly right to meet this end.

Miura Yumiko = Poison Ivy

She's very sure of herself and very cold towards others

Minami Sagami = The Penguin

She's quite petty and has no real power of her own but what she can get others to do for her.

Tamanawa = The Riddler

He's actually very intelligent, but puts his pride on looking intelligent than acting that way.
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Posted 6/7/15
Isshiki Iroha = Harley Quinn

Always smiling, deceptively cunning, but easily thrown off guard by her love interest.
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Posted 1/5/17
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