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27 / M / LuzViMinda
Posted 2/5/08 , edited 2/5/08
A Japanese rendition to a Shakespeare classic.

Romeo X Juliet has a rather different plot from the original, being centered around a magical tree that holds up their floating land mass instead of just the rivalries between the Capulets and the Montagues. Some parts get weird, such as the origins of some characters, their fates and some additions and removals from the roster.

The romance between Romeo and Juliet is still there, still being central to the whole thing, though the anime somehow makes it look like the original was based on it. Maybe because William Shakespeare himself was a character...

This anime is heart-warming and tear-jerking, one I would recommend to anyone who likes romances.
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29 / F / Lelouch's bed
Posted 2/5/08
The beginning is good,but in the middle it is not interesting.The animation is not consistent either.The romance between Romeo and Juliet isn't all that tragic to me either in this series.

I have been wondering about the ending because you know,no matter what it is still a GONZO ending.But i am glad the ending didn't really turn out bad.It is rather satisfying,and i think it is good that they show about the aftermath of the battle and how is everyone else carry on with their lives.
Posted 3/8/08
I think this anime is good. It's good that anime is not the same as book because than it will be boring at least to me. It's much better and sadder than the original and I enjoyed it more than reading the book.
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28 / F / Los Angeles, Cali...
Posted 4/14/08
frankly, i found the incorporation of william shakespeare as a character hilarious, and his comedic breaks really well timed. the beginning of the anime was really great, doing a good job of drawing the viewers into the story, but the middle wasn't as gripping. the animation isn't the best that i've seen, but it isn't the worst either. what bothered me about it is that it wasn't always consistent, for sometimes the characters look good and professionally done, but at other parts, it looks like an intern took over so that the artist could take a break from drawing.
plot wise, the anime follows the general big picture of the origional, but gives it's own spin to events and characters. though a few corny parts, overall the romance is incredibly sweet and heart warming. the ending, though sad, is not necessarily a bad ending, for it still gives the viewers a feeling of contentment.
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