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A Movie Based On Your Life
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21 / Washington/Califo...
Posted 5/18/15
Title: Tisiah

plot: hmmm idk something hopefully better then the avengers

actors: sam jackson, and the cast of friends
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26 / M / Orlando, FL
Posted 5/18/15 , edited 5/18/15
Mine would be about a Kid who grew up and wasted his potential, Suffered multiple tragedies before even making it out of high school, Somehow managed to pull through and function, but is emotionally detached, unable to find love again, but not exactly looking for it because of that nagging fear of losing someone again. Having a few close friends but always feeling empty inside, but somehow still able to endure. (not sure myself how)
As for who would play me Steven Seagal (because why not.) or Russell Crowe
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 3/23/16
Closed because OP nuked
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