Need recommendations! Harem/rom-com manga
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Posted 5/18/15
Hey guys. I need help finding more manga like these ones.

-Town where you live,
-Ichigo 100%,
-Love Hina
-Unbalance x Unbalance
-Good ending
-That 'hot springs club' manga with the main character that everyone calls gramps.

To be specific in the common theme I like here... Hmm, I guess it's -
Usually an airhead male who's usually too frigid to make an advance on a chick he likes within the first chapter, ten or less girls are usually making moves on him (increasing in number as volumes of series increase) and he's too dumb or nervous to do anything serious, but on the rare occassion he does, he makes the overly-forward girl all pink-cheeked and she runs away like a mad-cock-tease. The guy is usually all "I have good virtue/morals and shit" and there's often some way hotter guy who is into the main female he really likes and whenever that guy is present the main character is either feeling depressed or stepping up to challenge that dude (but more often it's depressingly the first of two outcomes).

What's a real bonus in these manga though that seperates them from random Harem formula is that the main character shows some impressive form of self-growth, faces plenty of moments of feeling hurt before winning affections (my masochistic personality loves this element of these manga. Just kidding-- not really, dead serious).

Please feed me more recommendations like these manga (despite how hard it may be believe that I actually love each of these titles GREATLY)!
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Posted 5/18/15 , edited 5/18/15
- Ai Yori Aoshi and To Love Ru are classics in the genre, and for good reason.
- Umi no MIsaki is one of my favorites.
- Mayo Chiki and Kanokon are two of the best manga adaptations of a light novel I've ever read, and fits your description pretty well.
- Ayu Mayu starts pretty slow, but turns into a very solid representation of the genre.
- Koibana Onsen is the adult version of the story.
- IO adds a bit of supernatural mystery to that basic framework you describe.
- Umisho and Frogman are both pretty good--not quite up to most of your list, but this is perhaps made up for by the swimteam setting for both of them.

- Kiss x Sis , Asa Made Jugyou Chu , Maga-Tsuki, and Minamoto-kun Monogatari are all ongoing versions of that story, in different settings, and all of them have their particular charms.

(Also Hetakoi is the name of the "hot springs club manga" you described. )
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