Steins;Gate for Xbox 360
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Posted 5/18/15
So I was browsing amazon one day wondering if there were any news about the steins;gate movie when BLAM! Turns out that Japan released a version of Steins;Gate for the Xbox 360 as well on the PC. Well, Im a bit, not upset per se but annoyed that we cant get awesome stuff like that. I suppose that general American players don't "appreciate" those kinds of games and want to constantly take the newest call of duty or such :/ ​what do you guys think?
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Posted 5/19/15
Visual novels are still quite a niche market unfortunately so the tripple A companies won't touch them. (It's a money thing.)
Fret not however, for the market for Visual novels is defnitely upcoming and smaller specialized companies are certainly starting to pick those up.

I do expect that it'll be a while before games from companies like Nitro+ will be translated on larger scale in the west though, Nitro+ is kind of a big fish in the VN market in Japan.
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Posted 5/19/15 , edited 5/19/15
Because of a couple reasons. One is the niche market that visual novels have and the extra costs of publishing on consoles that get in the way, especially with how low sales tend to be (incomparably low compared to even the most niche JRPGs).

The second is that we get visual novels on PC primarily, same as in Japan. Steins;Gate has already been officially released in English on PC by JAST, it's available on Jlist/Jbox. If we want more, we've got to show consumer demand by buying these games.

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Posted 5/19/15
witch sucks b/c The new game just came out in Japan </3

Pic related/

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Posted 1/15/17
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