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Posted 5/21/15
Hey guys, I just became a premium member of Crunchyroll about 2 months ago, and am loving the service so far. However, while streaming on laptop, my video freezes quite a bit sometimes, to the point where I might have to refresh the page. Lowering the quality to SD or 480P helps a bit, but not much. On my PS4, I don't really get a lot of these issues though, but sometimes I may not be able to watch it on PS4 for personal reasons. I'm not sure if it's my laptop, my internet or Crunchyroll's issue. When streaming things like Youtube in 720P, I have no trouble at all, but when it comes to 720P here, I have problems. If it does have anything to do with my internet or my laptop, could you guys give any suggestions as to what I can do to improve this?

Thanks. Also here's a speed test I did, so you guys can get an idea of my internet connection.
Posted 5/23/15
What browser are you using?
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Posted 5/25/15
I'm finding with computers, there's just so much going on and so much that can go wrong.

I'd suggest updating one driver at a time, and if that's no good check for background programs that may hog resources.
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