what yer favorite ending of new/old anime?
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Posted 5/21/15
me sa back, ye favorite animex(thats mexikense)
making another topic, involving yet again
of anime, (duh). so knowing that i have already
reveal to ye smuck my age, it got me thinking
beside been old(shut up ye 90'smuck) what re
my favorite anime ending old/new?

so here my:
i m going with my first love of mecha, thats right folk
for the geezer in us ROBOTECH
and yes i m talking about the macross ending
when rick hunter is doubting
he's relationship with Min mai, when suddenly who knock
on the door, lisa hayes, saying she leaving in few days
to space. but she surprise rick admiting him, that she love him
n always had, so lisa ran, and rick go after, but stop by
Min mai questioning their love, when suddenly they hit the ground
cause of a explosion by zentraedy warship. so to make it short. Rick choose lisa,
and win the battle yay, while min mai walk aways leaving em.
till get man tears, just remembering. and thats why kiddys the macross
is by far the best of the trilogy(aunque i love the southencross and generation too).

so here i not gonna narrate, cause i gonna be reading ye mean post. reason why
Letterman left the late show. Anywho im going with parasyte maxim
it was migi narration, that made the ending quite interesting.
on how species of diferent kind, must learn to adapt, and survive one another,
to understand the ways of life. from hunting to invading was the way for one raice to
grow and evolve. and thats some darwing stuff bro.
and of course shinichi saving satomi from the fall, which made it even better,
however on how they laught of the situation that they were, knowing that
there were already two death bodys. i mean anime yeah, is that weird.

So those re my favorite new/old, anime ending, so what yours?
ye can even go with some OVA ones, until next time

soy juan asilo, and asi lo digo.
bonus ending go to akame ga kill
as guilty pleasure one, i mean that
esdeth n akame fight, dang not
even paquio could make a fight
that epic.
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Posted 5/21/15
Someone's limbs gets cut off. Mostly the douche bad guy.
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Posted 5/22/15
Old Fool (School): Ranma 1/2 as it got me into anime.
New Fool: Dog & Scissors since it spoofs a lot of other anime tropes

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Posted 5/22/15
Old- its got to be GTO Main character getting arrested by the cops for dramatic affect but then escaping and saying I don't want to go to jail
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Posted 5/22/15
Not sure for old, but for new I'd have to go FMAB! It has just such a warm ending, and you get to see everything pay off after this huge journey and adventure, very sweet! :3
Posted 5/22/15
school days
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Posted 5/22/15 , edited 5/22/15
Old School:
Blue Seed

Somewhat old school:
I loved the ending to the 1st FMA and would have been fine if they never made the movie.

.hack//Sign - many people didn't like it (and yes there is an OVA) but I liked how they kept the offline stuff in the anime to a minimum throughout the series. The ending reminded me a lot of Ico's ending.


New school: I honestly don't know because everything I really like today is hopefully ongoing. If I had to say one then given that its a one shot and we'll be back to nothing but all *gag* Kirito all the time in future seasons I thought the ending to Mother's Rosario in SAO was excellent.
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Posted 1/26/17
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