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Post Reply What's your opinion on Tattoos? O.o
Posted 1/10/17
I think some are pretty cool, while others are questionable.

I have one of my own and probably will get one or two more down the line.
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Posted 1/10/17
Personally I hate them. I think skin is a horrible canvas for this "artwork". 10-20 years, maybe less depending on eating habits and your age, that tattoo won't look a thing like when you got it. Unless it was ugly to begin with. Reminds me of this

That said, I have seen some very pretty tattoos, have friends with nice ones that cover a little or a lot of their bodies. But then a lot of those same people complain about not having enough money, and spend it on tattoos smokes alcohol or drugs instead of healthy food and in many cases, their children. And yes, tattoos are expensive too. Again, they can start out looking nice, but after that first pregnancy or the freshman 15 or 150 kicks in, not so much.

I think the best tattoos, are the ones that really have a purpose or meaning. Like camaraderie of an army unit, tribal tattoo from being in an actual tribe(not just because you think they look cool). The rest? Just aren't symbolic at all.
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