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Is the death penalty not enough for some crimes?
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Posted 5/23/15

Hence why this wouldn't be applicable to many cases. Of course it's impractical, if we were to build a system completely around it, but there really are moments when it shines. Some for example take pride in their crimes, and leaving glaring evidence that is nearly impossible to ignore. Serial murderers can often fall under this category, crimes like these where before the case even goes to court, everyone knows the verdict.

I clearly understand why they decided to implement this, protect the people from abuse and so forth, but at the same time, it casts a rather wide net, that ultimately protects individuals who by no means deserve that right. They've had their chances, they blew it. On the whole these broad rights are a great thing, but it is imperfect, and there are caveats of it. Granted if it was to be brought in to play, it would require flawless resolve, something we lack at this time.

Evolution is the key. Granted that testing on animals is valuable, but it is by no means equivalent to human testing. Seeing how a disease will evolve and adapt within a full human cellular structure is incredibly value. The huge impact that even an incredibly minuscule change in DNA will impact a specimen is of the utmost importance, thus you can't downplay the value of the real thing, chemically testosterone and estrogen are incredibly similar, with only 1 or 2 changes in the branches, but the end product are two incredibly different things.. I get that it is off-topic, but just to say there is at least some quantitative stuff as opposed to just my word.

It's interesting you brought up animals though, as if there is no issue to using them, they surely cannot consent. What is interesting is how we feel the right to claim ourselves much more valuable than them. Animal rights have come a long way however. So yeah, lets use animals and claim how we are better because our ethics and human rights. Don't bother reading into that really, or things will get too long winded. Just realize that we, as humans, are a bunch of hypocrites.

The hypocrisy is what makes things interesting I suppose. At the end of the day, we know nothing, and understand nothing. For all that either of us know, we are both wrong. I imagine that is the purpose of life, we will never know if we are right, but we attempt to mold our opinions from experiences. I am willing to accept the fact I could be wrong, about everything. I suppose aside from the fact that rapists and murderers are terrible individuals who steal this wonderful journey away from others, that the extent that I'll be unwavering.

With that said, I imagine we played out enough cards in this game, starting to get a little tired and just want to watch my One Piece, despite being the one to jump on a volatile topic and roll with it. Nonetheless, this was pretty fun, and I enjoyed the conversation, thanks for keeping it nice and civil, since I know this is a really loaded topic. Props on being #TeamTsugumi and have a good day!
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Posted 5/23/15 , edited 5/23/15
I'd try to go for rehabilitation instead of just solitary confinement(which is making them progressively more violent), or death penalty.

But of course, I haven't had anyone close to me getting killed or victimized in such brutal ways, so I still have this (maybe) naive outlook.

If you're talking about escalating from the death penalty into more gruesome types of punishment, you are clearly going in the wrong direction.
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Posted 5/23/15
I think that the death penalty for crimes like these is well fit. The point of law is not for doing whats morally right or giving people what they deserve, its to keep social order. Furthermore, according to the United States Constitution the government has no right to do that, it's cruel and unusual punishment. Also torturing people is a waste of resources.
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Posted 5/23/15
death penalty shouldn't be allowed

1. it takes more money to the state to apply it
2. it's an easy way out
3. people can't attone for their sins
4. we shouldn't be the ones to decide if someone lives or dies
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Posted 5/26/15 , edited 5/26/15

A-Eky wrote:

morechunch wrote:

A-Eky wrote:

CSPower wrote:

die the way they killed.
is that not true justice?
if not, what is?

i like this idea for the truly horrible criminals

So we should get to be sociopaths to sociopaths because it makes us feel better.

That's just being a sociopath.

how else would you deter them from committing such heinous crimes, obviously our current methods are not working. this could be worth a try, then again i don't know how effective it will be though.

You can't deter a sociopath with those kind of consequences, that is the nature of the illness.

The death penalty is just not a deterrent, and people wind up facing it for less heinous crimes than people who face 25 to life.

A lot of factors go into the death penalty, including the judge and the jury, and a jury of peers will not always agree to death and a judge will not always treat a case as such.

And so when a jury of peers agrees to 40 years for something that another person gets the death sentence for, or a judge does not suggest the death penalty when another judge has for a similar act, are you saying it is the failure of those people? Or were they unreasonably soft on a certain criminal?

These choices are not made alone or lightly. If you could sentence a man to death, explain to me why Charles Manson didn't get the death penalty while Timothy Johnson did.
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Posted 5/26/15

AiYumega wrote:

I think we should extend the death penalty to other things though.

Like rapists, domestic abusers, and animal abusers.

I don't think we should waste our tax dollars housing and feeding someone who does these things. It costs less to execute them.

Let's just kill everyone, huh? Do you know why the government was supposed to be kept as small as possible? So that it couldn't abuse the power vested in it. Now you want to give it the power to kill citizens for things like rape, domestic abuse, and animal abuse. And what happens if the victims of the rape or domestic abuse lie? F it, lets take away fair trial while we're at it. That crap costs a lot of money to hire lawyers and stuff!
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Posted 5/26/15
No point. They tried making the punishments more severe in several parts if the world and crime rates didn't go down. If you have the time to go mad on someone you dislike then you have the time to save someone before he becomes a bad person- forward, the direction we move.
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Posted 1/26/17
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