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Posted 5/22/15 , edited 5/25/15
I really want to play some RPG maker games without spoiling much of the stories by looking things up, but I have to be careful.
I want to know if you think these titles would be appropriate for a 14 year old...I can handle things like Ib.
Mad father and The Witches house were good too but really dark, Alice Mare was great but pretty heavy...
I would prefer to play games that are less dark...

Ok, so here's the title:

The Forest of the Drizzling Rain

Just wondering would these be ok for me? Like do they have any explicit content and are they really dark or ok?

And of course if you have any appropriate recommendations I would love to hear them Any genre just has to be not too dark, and having no explicit content.

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Posted 8/7/15
Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki is a well-known indie game made in RPG Maker 2003 in which the player explores the dreams of the main character, Madotsuki, a girl who, for reasons left to the player's interpretation, is shut into her apartment and either can't or won't leave it. The bulk of the gameplay takes place in Madotsuki's dreams.

It's often referred to as a horror game, but, for the most part, it's not really scary, just eerie. There are a few parts that could be considered a bit "dark", but nothing too bad. It doesn't have much in terms of gameplay, and it has no real combat or dialogue. The appeal of the game comes from exploring the world, seeing the sights, and trying to piece together what's going on in Madotsuki's head. The objective is to collect 24 items called "Effects" which change Madotsuki's appearance and give her different abilities.

An English version is available at the wiki and at a fansite called "Madotsuki's Closet". It runs on its own, RPG Maker not required.

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Posted 8/12/15
You might want to give Ahriman's Prophecy a try. I played it when I was 13 years ago and I loved the plot. It has a fantasy theme but it's nothing dark.

What's more, it's free.
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Posted 8/14/15 , edited 8/14/15
Steam has a lot, but most of them are downright terrible. The best RPG maker game on Steam IMO is Skyborn.

First note, it costs 15 dollars on Steam and you'll get like maybe 9 hours of gameplay out of it. Whether that's worth or not is up to you.

It's about a girl whose works as a mechanic living in a kingdom ruled by Skyborn, basically people with enhanced ability and wings (hence the name, they're basically non-holy angels). There's this whole background of racism against the humans, like the protagonist, since everyone's in favor of the Skyborn. Also a lot of tension between social classes, etc. But the core of the game is about learning more about the world you're in, uncovering mysteries involving magic, exploration, and old-school JRPG gameplay. The developer also uses custom assets rather than the default assets that most people use in their RPG maker games so it's art style is quite refreshing for someone used to seeing the same tiles and textures being used.

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