The Kingdom Hearts Two Challenge!
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Posted 7/2/07
Okay, I'm sure there are many of you who know about the Kingdom Hearts series. I'm even sure some of you have beaten the games at very low levels. But here are the requirements for this challenge:

1) Proud mode difficulty
2) No items
3) No accessories
4) No armor
5) Original weapons
6) No leveling up. Avoid every fight that doesn't need to be done.
7)No abilities. Only abilities allowed are allies basic abilities (i.e Donald Cure or Goofy Bash)
8)No limits
9) Customization (but remember no items), and summons are allowed

I have only gotten to the fight with Demyx at Hollow Bastian/Radiant Garden.
If this has already been brought up, please lock it and I apologize for my ignorance.
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Posted 7/2/07
I wonder how well you'd do with sephiroth / hades paradox cup.
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