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Posted 5/22/15 , edited 5/23/15

:The Questions:
1.) Where to start?
- It is a simple question really. As to where we all will take this crubbu for the future of the tanuki enthusiasts all 'round the planet. As in, what forums should be opened up, what kind of polls should be erected, what kind of tasks and "web events" should be in place and much more. Mayhaps I, RewChamploo, should start a couple polls and an open forum for discussions on tanuki based anime and or manga, stories and such.
2.) What is THIS forum thread for, exactly?
- THIS forum thread.... Is erected for the use of all crubbu members. So they can pitch out some ideas for the crubbu's future growth and development. It's a club, after all, no use doing EVERYTHING by myself, ha! On that note, I shall leave you all with this:

:The Solution to the Questions:
1.) Please ONLY reply / post / comment / continue the thread topic, with suggestions and ideas on how to further expand and grow our crubbu. Baseless banter and chit-chat will be for an other forum (minus the banter, I want us all to get along, after all). Any ideas, suggestions, possible poll activities, possible club / crubbu "web activities" (a web activity is where a group or club, or the same base of the sort, simultaneously do an activity online. Kind of like "group marathon watching" but with a wider capability toward a worldwide spread.) and so on.

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Posted 5/23/15 , edited 5/25/15
Ooh, questions. Future planning. I'm ready, let's go. *puts serious glasses on*. We tanuki enthusiasts should definitely focus on growth (since I'm currently your only current tanuki-enthusiast-partner-in-crime). Lots of pressure, I may just crumble beneath it. You seem like a fine friendly fellow and all, but I love me some brethren.

I know, this sounds silly, but for now--the answer is more tanuki. XD Possibly more tanuki gifs on the main page (the people love their gifs). Maybe a forum post for fun facts about tanukis, or a forum post for funny tanuki appearances and screenshots/memes. OOH! Mayhaps a tanuki art section. I could draw some cute tanuki to start it up and maybe we could get some funloving artsy-types coming in (opens up a world of possible "tanuki art challenges" and so on).

Just shooting out ideas before I mosey off to work. Lemme know if any sound mildly useful or if you want me to search the world of gifs, or draw you a tanuki. Or draw club members AS tanuki. Though that might be too much fun.
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Posted 5/24/15 , edited 5/25/15

AS tanuki. Though that might be too much fun.

I dunno, I shall quote a headliner in an anime I absolutely adore,

Be interesting.

That said, I think ALL of those ideas sound absolutely ideal for our club growth!
Seems like you really thought them through... That is, if you weren't an actual tanuki enthusiast xD
Kind of comes naturally to us though, doesn't it? :3
Though I must say, I'll need plenty of help. So, if you don't mind messaging me when you have free time, I'd like to discuss "Moderator Status" with you. As I have a busy lifestyle as well (i.e. maintaining my FB group "Nippon! Amazing!! WOW!!!" as well, "an otaku-esque community / group for the masses" and I also help w/ debugging hardware and software for upcoming HW engineers and SW devs at the local Commu College).
I'd also like to hear more of your ideas as well.
And by the way,

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