Watching anime after reading the Manga
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Posted 5/23/15 , edited 5/23/15
Curious if watching an anime series after reading the manga take all the surprise out for you or maybe it makes you feel safer because you already understand plot and character development? Especially ending?
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Posted 5/23/15 , edited 5/23/15
Generally, if I've already read the manga, I'm looking for:

1) To see how they animate particular sequences. Sometimes things come across much different (scarier, more exciting, more clear, whatever) when they are animated, than when they happen in still-frame panels.

2) To see what changes they made to the story (if any)--for better or worse.

3) To hear how the voice actors play different lines. For instance, sometimes I'll read things as sarcastic that the director or actor plays straight, or vice versa; and that can radically change how a scene plays out (for better or worse, again).

Besides, if the story is good enough, I don't mind the fact that I know how it will turn out.
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Posted 1/22/17 , edited 1/22/17
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