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Best Live Band
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25 / M / Chicago, IL, USA
Posted 4/9/16 , edited 4/9/16
Rock-wise; on a festival stage/large venue its a tie between Arcade Fire or Arctic Monkeys. small venue Iceage.

Hiphop-wise; originally was going to put down Kanye West's last tour for Watch the Throne but the couple of times I've seen Kendrick Lamar and Run The Jewels rival Yeezy.

Dance/electronic-wise; Live performance w/o a doubt Flying Lotus and Disclosure. DJ sets go to either to the Berghain techno residents (Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann) or JESuS (Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream and Seth Troxler)
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M / Ireland
Posted 4/15/16 , edited 4/15/16
I'd like to add Megadeth to my original list, seen them live a few months ago and they were AMAZING, especially with Chris Adler on drums!
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29 / M
Posted 4/16/16 , edited 4/16/16
Muse put on a damn good show best live band ive seen
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25 / F / Diagon Alley
Posted 4/16/16 , edited 4/16/16
My favorite concert that I have ever been to is a tie between two bands, Flyleaf and In This Moment.
I got to meet In This Moment when I saw them and their show was AMAZING. I went to a Flyleaf concert when I was 17 and the atmospheric energy in the room was insane. As soon as Lacey started screaming in I'm So Sick you could almost feel the floor of the club shake because everyone jumped at the same time lol.
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22 / M / wpg mb
Posted 5/1/16 , edited 5/2/16
Between the buried and me - When it comes to elegance, story, and captivating music these guys, are one of the power houses in the prog metal community. The very first time they came to my city, they played "parralax" in it's entirety. The mini "symphonies" are absolutely surreal, and lighting everything is so perfect. When they got to the song "telos" the strobe light, and fist came out, such an experience.

The Contortionist: These guys are artist. (More so than BTBAM^^^ imo)
Michael Lessard the singer is an absolute power house of a vocalist, serene cleans and absolutely crushing screams. He is the center piece of it all, he carries the emotion of the floor with very simple lighting and his almost hypnotic movement. The silhouettes from him and his mates really make you transcend from any visual input.
As for the other members the Baca brothers: Rob, and Joey. Cam, Jordan, and Eric. These guy's are absolutely stupidly insanely talented. I would hate to have to think about the counting they do. Stupidly talented musicians.
Easily the most rad band out there, I'd recommend it to anyone. Do you a solid and go listen to their "rediscovered" sessions, straight fire.

Monuments: Want to have a good time?
"Take a knee, down, if you see somebody standing next to you fucking grab them, and you pull them down, I want to do this exercise in unity. I don't care if you got a drink, you think you're a cool guy, if you think you're a tough guy, Get on your god damn knees. Grab those guys right there, grab them........ When I say so, everyone in this room explode. CAN YOU DO THAT FOR ME? wait for it....... EXPLODEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"
Regenerate - Live at Euroblast 2013 & other shows obv.

MAHLER 2nd: Do I even have to say anything??? like. it's. Mahler.

I could go on.... Also, metal shows are the epitome of awesome, there's a rawness about it that makes it so rad.

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19 / M / The Mothership
Posted 5/3/16 , edited 5/3/16
Last year, Kool & The Gang came to town as part of our city's lineup for our yearly festival in August and rocked it by performing hits like Hollywood Swinging, Jungle Boogie, Celebration, Get Down On It, Ladies Night, and my most favorite song by them, Summer Madness and it was as if they never left the 70s.
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20 / M / ya mum's house
Posted 6/6/16 , edited 6/7/16
I've heard some people say that at the drive in was one of the greatest live bands, at least in the 21st century
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21 / diáspora wixárika
Posted 7/19/16 , edited 7/19/16
probs have to be Envy, the legends!
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 12/30/17 , edited 12/31/17
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