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Post Reply Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches ~ ANIME VS. MANGA Contest!
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Posted 6/16/15 , edited 6/16/15
I sent mine with my personal email
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Posted 6/16/15 , edited 6/17/15
Thank you!
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Posted 6/16/15 , edited 6/17/15
I just sent it, good luck everybody.
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Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/17/15
Wow! Amazing! I hope I win, but anyhow good luck to everyone participating!
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Posted 6/17/15 , edited 6/18/15
I won!?
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Posted 6/18/15 , edited 6/18/15
im so shocked i won something, as soon as i realized i won i started screaming I won over and over again
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Posted 6/18/15 , edited 6/19/15
I did the same thing. XD
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Posted 6/21/15 , edited 6/21/15
Aww didn't win. This is my favorite manga this year. At least I can look forward to Yoshikawa-san at Anime Expo.

Anyways, here's the differences I found, I really only looked at the first 2 episodes then I got lazy.
Episode 1:
Chapter 1:

0:01 The actual tests are showing rather than all of Yamada's exam results. Page 5-6
0:29 Shiraishi doesn't show up when Yamada is getting lectured. Page 5-6
2:30 The nurse does not appear in the anime. Page 13-14
4:35 Shiraishi in Yamada's body says, "Sensei. In his case, is it possible to substitute the answers for A and C?" while in the manga the answers that are exchanged are A and B. Page 17-18
4:44 More math explanations in the anime than in the manga. Page 17-18
6:23 Yamada is shown to run through the men's restroom while in the manga it goes straight to the ladies restroom. Page 23-24
6:40 The scene missing in the manga is that Yamada in Shiraishi's body goes to a teacher and helps carry books and the trio wants to help. In the anime, the trio want to help because Shiraishi is staggering. Page 25-26
Because of this missing scene, the teacher that teased Yamada in Shiraishi's body is not there. Page 27-28
7:20 Rin Sasaki meets outside in the anime, while in the manga they meet in the school building. Page 29-30
9:07 Flashback seeing Shiraishi lonely and doing things by herself(Urara not talking, Urara with no partner in P.E., Urara erasing the board) Page 35-36
10:30 Rin Sasaki walks away in the manga before Yamada in Shiraishi's body says You're Right/Who Knows. Page 41-42
11:19 Missing scene in the anime where Urara in Yamada's body wants to go to class while Yamada says,"You're really gonna go to class after all that?!!" Page 48
11:59 Anime line - This girl's surprisingly direct... Manga line - She's a lot sweeter than I thought. Page 50
12:31 Urara and Yamada blame each other why they didn't return to normal. Page 52
14:10 Urara walking away is different in the anime because she walks down the stairs while in the manga she walks through the hallway. Page 58
14:24 Miyamura doesn't appear yet, he appears later. Page 59
14:33 Missing scene from the manga. Jumps to <Chapter 2> Page 59-61

Chapter 2:
14:33 Missing scene. It shows the student council discussing Yamada. Page 2-3
14:33 Yamada and Shiraishi switched once before them switching for Yamada's supplementary exams. Page 10-14
15:18 Missing scene P.E. and beating up the perverts Page 15-27
15:25 Missing scene Student Council talk about recent events. Jumps to <Chapter 3> Page 29-31

Chapter 3:
15:25 Missing scene Random body switching events. Page 3-8
15:25 Miyamura talks to Yamada in Shiraishi's body in the classrom while in the anime Yamada in Shiraishi's body is eating lunch outside. Page 9
15:25 Miyamura talks about a manga only scene. Page 11
15:54 Date happens, but they actually go outside of school in the manga. Page 13-16
16:36 The trio that Yamada beats up in Shiraishi's body is different. Page 17-24

Chapter 4:
Most of these events happen in a later episode.
17:48 Miyamura and Yamada talk without Urara in the manga about Urara wanting to go to college. Page 1-8

Chapter 5:
Missing scene Page 13-17
18:17 Miyamura gives Yamada and Urara the room Page 9-12
19:04 Miyamura asks if they kissed anyone before. Page 11-12

Chapter 6:
20:20 Ito doesn't appear yet. Miyamura in Yamada's body explores the school finding out everyone hates Yamada. Page 10-16
20:20 Missing scene Yamada in Miyamura's body meets Nene Odagiri. Page 11-15


Episode 2:
Chapter 7:
4:09 A mask isn't held up, only the doll. Page 10
4:30 2 stacks of magazines are shown while the manga has 1 stack Page 11

Chapter 8:
8:13 Yamada's sister isn't shown in the manga yet Page 1-2

Chapter 9:
18:02 The hooligans aren't there to be surprised Miyamura and Urara were there too. Page 19.

Episode 3:
The group didn't visit Urara's house with Ito.
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